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Golf and Yoga Retreat – 5 Day, 6 Night

Gravity Golf has a long history of giving people the tools needed to work past certain ideologies and physical limitations to create a new perspective on how the golf swing can work in harmony with the body and mind. Yoga has been on the rise in the western world over the last few decades and it is becoming much more widely accepted as a biomechanical friendly way of increasing functionality and reducing overall stress/tension. As firm believers in maintaining an open minded approach that allows us to learn and become more aware of how to keep our bodies in balance, on and off the golf course, we are proud to introduce this immersive Yoga & Golf experience. With Gravity Golf’s learning style and a specialized yoga mind-body approach, we look forward to sharing our intention of a positive flow for your body, mental game and golf swing.


General Day

7:30 AM – Breakfast

8:30 AM – Yoga class

Dynamic movement, focus & meditation/visualization. Start the day in a way that will ease you towards a full day of free motion. This flow sequence will begin with basic movements to warm up and prepare your body for harnessing natural energy and balance. We will continue to move dynamically through the sequence with Sun Salutations and standing poses, allowing for discovery of each pose and your personal relationship with it through body, mind and breath. These techniques will be very useful when you find yourself working through different exercises on the course to help enhance your awareness and allow for a relaxed swing. 

Once we build the intensity, we bring it down to the ground and move it through deep stretch poses before the final release of energy in meditation and savasana. This work will help you in the connection and development of a free flowing golf swing that is easy on your body and your mind.

10:00 AM – Driving range and Short Game Areas

You will be learning the fundamental concepts of movement, working on dynamics of power and allowing a natural flow that utilizes gravity to create easy power and comfortable motion. We will take you through a sequence of exercises, some of which you will be able to do from even the comfort of your own home, up through a more advanced practice routine that will teach you balance, greater physical and mental awareness. This will take you deep into the development of a dynamic golf swing that fits your body and gives you the best advantage utilizing the natural laws that gravity has to offer.

You will learn how to direct confident movement in your short game. Harnessing the natural energy of gravity, used for great power as well as exceptional touch. As an alternative to using your hands, forearms and upper body in your short game for power, you will be learning how to take the tension out of them by letting your mass flow through even the smallest shots and leaving everything else left to feel.

12:30 PM – Lunch 

2:00 PM – Play 9 holes

Play golf in stunning Montego Bay, Jamaica and put your new skills into practice. 


Retreats are limited to 12 participants 


Full Set of Clubs

Something to take notes with (pen and paper, phone, tablet, etc.)

Video Camera (optional)


A Deposit of $750 is reqired to secure the place for 1 indidual

Single Occupancy – $5500 (Total including deposit)

Double Occupancy – $7995 (Total including deposit) 

The remainder of the balance will be due 15 days prior to the retreat

Refunds will be available up to 30 days prior to class or redeemable for 1 year from purchase date


A Gravity Golf retreat is an all inclusive experience, where you will be staying at a beautiful resort, meals and room/board included.

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Lee Trevino Talking About His Experience With Gravity Golf

Lee Trevino

“David Lee would be the only guy I trust to work on my swing.”

Jack Nicklaus Gives His Personal Endorsement and Full Support to the System of Gravity Golf

Jack Nicklaus

“From what I have seen, I believe the teaching method you have developed could be applied with great benefit to all level of golfers, and I am happy to give my personal endorsement and full support.”

Chi Chi Rodriguez

“David Lee might be the greatest teacher that ever lived.”

Gravity Golf
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Steve Frantl
Steve Frantl
04:01 14 Feb 24
What an amazing three days at Gravity Golf School! I gained more insights into the game of golf during this short... period than in any of the dozen golf schools I've attended in the last several years. The standout feature of this system is the ability to practice these skills independently.Danny Lee is not only an incredible coach but also a fantastic individual who exhibits great patience with every student. He addresses all our questions and resolves issues promptly and professionally. His dedication is evident as he dedicates a substantial amount of one-on-one time to each student, offering personalized attention and valuable guidance. His ability to pinpoint and rectify mistakes almost immediately during these individual sessions is truly commendable.My overall experience was nothing short of fantastic, and I highly recommend taking this three-day class, whether you're a beginner or someone who has been golfing for over 30 years and is still grappling with how to hit a golf ball tension free. I was absolutely amazed, and I believe you will be more
Hunter Gill
Hunter Gill
14:36 22 Nov 23
I spent many hours doing research for the right place to learn more about my golf game and improve. I couldn’t be more... happy then I am with my choice of Gravity Golf! Jim Edgin is an amazing coach… my entire game has changed for the better and it will only get better from here! My back no longer hurts me after an even a whole day of swinging on the range! I wholeheartedly suggest this school for ANYONE who wants to truly improve their golf game! Thank you Gravity Golf!read more
Larry Flinn
Larry Flinn
01:17 09 Nov 23
Daniel has successfully taught me to have a great training routine. I can practice anywhere. I no longer have to be on... the course to practice. He is not only a great coach, but a great more
Jeff Myers
Jeff Myers
13:54 03 Nov 23
I just completed a 3-day Gravity Golf school. This was my second school I have attend. It was one of the best... instructor experiences I have experienced. I'm a true believer in the program as one of the best methods for most golfers. Jim the instructor did a fantastic job of handling the accommodations of the course and practice area. He was patient with our progression and offered helpful insight to drills etc. By the end of the program I was much more confident in myself and my swing. The ultimate measuring stick is the results. I was much more consistent with my ball striking and my distance increased with my irons and woods. I would highly recommend attending one of their schools. I have dabbled in many different swing methods with little to no improvement. This one makes a true difference...Gravity Golf you need to fall for it!read more
Marc Brandstadter
Marc Brandstadter
01:33 22 May 23
We did a 4-hour session with Daniel Lee today at Citrus National Golf Course (formerly Southern Woods). His style was... very laid-back and unpretentious, and he had the patience of a saint. The Gravity Golf method of hitting the ball was presented logically and accompanied with some interesting drills. As a lifelong single digit handicapper with a bad back, whose hcp has been unfortunately growing as I am now in my 70’s, I was interested in a swing change that was effective and repeatable but was pain free. Daniel delivered on all counts. I strongly recommend the Gravity Golf method as a “swing for a lifetime” and Daniel as a very effective and personable more
Dower Drummond
Dower Drummond
01:19 22 May 23
What a fantastic day . Drills , more Drills , to understand gravity , but most importantly , less tension on body ,... arms, grips , overall posture , is so much better for golf .I know I will enjoy Golf more after one day . Imagine a 3 day class ?Daniel , is a great human being inside and out . Carry on Dan ( The Gravity legacy .. ) you have it and many thanks for sharing this golf more
Michael King
Michael King
19:13 05 Jun 19
My wife and I had the best golf experience we have ever had this weekend in Altus, AK. Two days getting expert... instructions from Gravity Golf instructor Jim Edgin at his custom built range in Altus, AK. . No BS, I added 30yrds to my drives with little effort. Just ask my golfing buddies who were wondering who took over my body when I played two days after working with Jim. Great guy too!read more
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