What is the Gravity Golf Swing and How Could It Help Save Your Golf Life?
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What is the Gravity Golf Swing Method?

The “Gravity” Golf swing was discovered in 1978 when PGA tour professional, David Lee, was sidelined from an injury and turned to teaching/swing research as a career. During his years on the tour, David had studied specific players like Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino, which began a realization that there was a more efficient and superior method to swinging a golf club. He set himself on a mission to understand how it worked and develop techniques for easily communicating it to other people which was later coined as a Gravity Golf Swing, due to the natural utilization of gravity that enables the seemingly effortless movement.

After years of study, David established the Gravity Golf teaching system, which later became a learning platform trusted by many top PGA Tour and worldwide professionals. These principles of the Gravity Golf Swing are taught by our certified Gravity Golf instructors around the world at our Gravity Golf schools.

Feel The Freedom of the Effortless Gravity Golf Swing!

“Gravity” Golf is a technique used by players who power their golf swings primarily with their body mass, and less with their muscle. Tour players that appear totally effortless are typically classified by our team as “Gravity” players. They swing with maximum efficiency and control, and normally enjoy much longer careers than players who damage their bodies through improper technique.

The physical benefits of the Gravity golf swing are significant, and allow a golfer to play into an advanced age with minimal distance and control loss. Women golfers also gain a tremendous advantage through using this technique because it requires far less muscle mass to develop a powerful golf swing than other methods.

If this peaks your interest and you would like to learn more about feeling the freedom that the natural force of gravity can create, study the Gravity Golf teaching system. We offer many avenues for you to do so; our intensive 3-Day golf schools are a transformative experience that are designed to lay a deep foundation for your golf swing. You can also attend a 1/2 Day Power and Driving Workshops to brush up on your technique of the tee, that can transcend through your entire golf game. Our resources extend beyond in person instruction; we have designed a step-by-step learning process for the Gravity Golf swing, in our newly developed progressive curriculum that is the Gravity Golf Challenge. If you are still very new to the concepts of the Gravity Golf swing and need to familiarize yourself more the principles we teach, please review our Free Video Library.

An example of impact using a Gravity Golf Swing

Our Mission

The goal at Gravity Golf is two-fold. With our forty plus years of research, we have been directed toward the development of a faster, easier, and simpler way to learn the game of golf. In addition, our focus has been set on creating training methods through which players can rise to their highest potential of technique, efficiency and feel. Even though both of these objectives have been achieved to a very high level, our research is and shall continue to be ongoing. Every day that passes we  learn something exciting and new about the human body as well as how it learns. The benefits of our efforts to date are available to you through our golf schools, programs, videos, blogs, and other products. It is our most sincere wish that you experience great enjoyment and unending benefits for your golf game through a lifelong journey with Gravity Golf.

David and Daniel Lee, and the entire Gravity Golf family.

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