A Paradigm Shift in Learning

What The Pros Say

Lee Trevino Talking About His Experience With Gravity Golf

Lee Trevino

“David Lee would be the only guy I trust to work on my swing.”

Jack Nicklaus Gives His Personal Endorsement and Full Support to the System of Gravity Golf

Jack Nicklaus

“From what I have seen, I believe the teaching method you have developed could be applied with great benefit to all level of golfers, and I am happy to give my personal endorsement and full support.”

Chi Chi Rodriguez

“David Lee might be the greatest teacher that ever lived.”

Where to Start

Gravity Golf School Locations

Our Founder

David Lee

David Lee, the developer of the “Gravity” Golf teaching system, is a former PGA touring professional turned swing research scientist and teacher.

  • David created a paradigm shift for learning the game whereby players develop much faster by training in a mode of weakness and instability, rather than from a mode of strength and stability.
  • Golfers can develop technique comparable to that used by the finest of today’s professionals in a fraction of the time.
  • The swing is taught as a dynamic “whole” mechanism with the finest technique from both a physics and physiological standpoint.
  • The “Gravity” swing creates the most distance and control, is easy on the body, works for men, women, and children, and will allow you to develop to your highest potential level – we guarantee it!

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