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Ceertified Gravity Golf Instructor Program – Level 1


This course teaches you to become a certified Gravity Golf Instructor. Through the course of a five-week program you will meet twice weekly in an e-learning group setting. A certified Gravity Golf Instructor will have the opportunity to teach various programs based on their level of certification and supplied with custom branded marketing materials.

What Is Behind You As a Gravity Golf Instructor? With forty-five years of full swing and short game research and development, our science represents the cutting edge of understanding in the field of golf instruction. The concepts of Gravity Golf have been endorsed in writing by Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Chi Chi Rodriguez and many other top professionals and amateurs. The teaching method has also been considered for nomination of a Nobel Prize in both Physics and Physiology.

What is a Gravity Golf Instructor? A person that has the passion for adhering to the most holistic way of learning possible. We look for people that are willing to think outside the box and are always eager to learn something new. Fresh perspective and testing the methods of learning is something we encourage greatly for our instructors. A Gravity Golf Instructor should be open minded to continued self exploration, consulting with other instructors and using the technologies that are available to prove/quantify what they are studying.

Five week course taught twice per week in an e-learning group setting.

  • 5 Weeks – 2 Virtual Lessons per week from done at a Scratch Golfer Level (Advanced) 
  • Video of each personal practice session, with video log of what you’ve learned – to be reviewed by the course instructor and group 
  • Personal follow up video after lesson assessment
  • Testing Phase
    • Video a 1-on-1 lesson of a student for each lesson in Stage 1 – Tested on communication, demonstration and student feedback
    • 500 Word essay on what you have learned from Stage 1
    • Video explanation of fundamentals & teaching philosophy
    • Video of competency for drill demonstration


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