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Lee Trevino Talking About His Experience With Gravity Golf

Lee Trevino

“David Lee would be the only guy I trust to work on my swing.”

Jack Nicklaus Gives His Personal Endorsement and Full Support to the System of Gravity Golf

Jack Nicklaus

“From what I have seen, I believe the teaching method you have developed could be applied with great benefit to all level of golfers, and I am happy to give my personal endorsement and full support.”

Chi Chi Rodriguez

“David Lee might be the greatest teacher that ever lived.”

Gravity Golf
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William M DScott
William M DScott
02:37 02 Mar 21
⛳The Gravity Golf Techniques and Drills, are the Bread & Butter behind the Effective LifelongGame!!!(No More... Confusion or Illusion)!!!Mr. David Lee to me is "The Sherlock Holmes" Of Modern 🏌️Endorsed by Jack Nicklaus,Juan"ChiChi"Rodriguez, JCSneadRocky Thompson more
Fred Stone
Fred Stone
22:04 25 Feb 21
The best golf instruction money can buy! I have been to lots of golf instructors, a couple who were quite famous, and... none can compare to the Gravity Golf more
13:16 03 Sep 20
What is this magic? All I can say is WOW! I have been golfing over 30 years, and after making a complete fool out of... myself trying these drills at the driving range while continuously reviewing the DVD - and not giving up, my mind finally made the connection with my body, which is exactly what makes Gravity Golf different from other teaching systems. Believe me, I have tried direct lessons with teaching aids/contraptions, everything from Stack & Tilt to focusing solely on turning the hips...and everything in between. I have always been strong and athletic ... but could never "feel" a perfect golf swing, and of course noone could ever describe it. Once in a great while I would hit the effortless perfect shot, but could never recreate it - and the harder I tried, the worse I played. I rarely write reviews, but feel the need to here because of the amazing results. I am hitting high, long soft draws that feel like butter coming of the club with zero effort. I'm still fighting my old swing, but less and less - am enjoying golf now more than ever. THANK YOU!!!Mattread more
James DeCorsey
James DeCorsey
02:44 03 Sep 20
As a lifelong (50+ years) student of the game and perennially puzzled 10 handicap practitioner, my belated discovery of... David Lee’s protean insights and ingenious drills prompted outsized expectations and a trip to Kingston WA for three days of engaging interaction with Daniel Lee. One year later, I am delighted to say that every aspect of my experience at the school, and more comprehensively with the breadth of Gravity Golf materials and resouces, has exceeded those lofty expectations, infusing every round and practice session with the gift of joyful self-discovery. For me, the impressive totality of the GG experience comes down to two words: Integrity and Humility. In an age where hype and hubris dominate vast realms of American life and commerce, it is gratifying and reassuring to know that good people with smart ideas, superb pedagogical skills, folks with uncommon patience, personal warmth and generosity, still exist and prosper, resoundingly.Bravo Gravity Golf!read more
12:29 26 Aug 20
That's the best three days for golf I ever got. Full of insight into what makes an effortless golf swing. The drills,... for a beginner like me are very challenging but not impossible. The 360 turnaround drill was most fun of all. You want to learn a new way? You gotta do a three day gravity golf school. Can't wait to use the drills. When you go to a gravity golf school you will have to go with 'beginners mind' though you know nothing about the golf don't.Taylor Boydread more
Ellen Smoll
Ellen Smoll
17:33 13 May 19
A big WOW after taking the 3 day Gravity Golf class with Daniel. I was apprehensive about taking the class with not... being an avid golfer, more of a leisure golfer, but that all changed meeting Daniel with his experience and knowledge. The drills, the methodology, and the form all came together making a huge difference. Daniel has such a skill. Watching his swing looks so effortless and seamless. I truly appreciated his patience and additional drills to bring the concept to life for me. Enjoyed the small group training and getting out on the course putting it all together. Great course, great teacher! Thank you Daniel!read more
Craig Cassata
Craig Cassata
07:26 23 Feb 19
The Gravity Golf schools and the Gravity Golf "system" is one of the most comprehensive and effective teaching... methodologies that I have seen and experienced.David and Danny Lee are fantastic teachers and very patient. They let you as the student learn what works best for your body type as every person's swing has unique needs based on the student's body type. Too many teachers try to stick to one swing model and it simply doesn't work for the human anatomy.I've even done some of my own personal research using K-Motion systems to track the kinematic sequence of the golf swing. The Gravity Golf drills put the body into the proper kinematic sequences by default. You simply don't have to think about it which is always the goal of a great learning experience.As a student or golfer, you will truly feel the mass of your body going through the ball with the Gravity Golf drills and it's a feeling like no other type of swing in golf. Once you get that "eureka" moment and that feeling of body mass getting through the ball, you will know Gravity Golf is the real deal!read more
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