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3 Day Golf School Deposit

Your deposit will guarantee your spot in a “Gravity” Golf Three Day School. The classes run from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM with a maximum of 4 students to an instructor. The balance of your school tuition may be paid online before or on the first day of class. If you wish to pay your balance by check please bring it with you to the school.

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If you have additional questions about our 3 Days Golf Schools or speak with us about how to prep for your school, please contact us or call our office at 407-347-5288. Thank you.

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A 3 Day Gravity Golf School deposit is $750, which will secure you place in the school of your choosing. There is a 4 to 1 student teacher ratio to ensure you get an ample amount of 1 on 1 time with your instructor.

This is an opportunity to learn the techniques that will help you create your most efficient golf swing possible. When you understand how to practice using the Gravity Golf Drills, they will act as guide to keep you on track.

David, Daniel and their instructors have taught thousands of students from all over the world. Their students range from top professionals to total beginners. With the Gravity Golf method, everyone can become the best players they are capable of.

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David Lee, Daniel Lee, Jim Edgin

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  1. The 3-day Kingston experience with you and fellow classmates David and Aidan was (A) enormously stimulating; (B) exhilaratingly exhausting; and (C) marvelously disorienting (thoroughly upending tired shibboleths, cutting through deeply encrusted layers of “traditional” swing theories) and enlightening. All in all, magical and inspiring.

  2. A big WOW after taking the 3 day Gravity Golf class with Daniel. I was apprehensive about taking the class with not being an avid golfer, more of a leisure golfer, but that all changed meeting Daniel with his experience and knowledge. The drills, the methodology, and the form all came together making a huge difference. Daniel has such a skill. Watching his swing looks so effortless and seamless. I truly appreciated his patience and additional drills to bring the concept to life for me. Enjoyed the small group training and getting out on the course putting it all together. Great course, great teacher! Thank you Daniel!

  3. I now have the tools needed to let my brain train my body to control the flight of a golf ball. Only Gravity Golf has a program that can accomplish this. Great people great instructor, great continued support.

  4. This has been the best golf instruction I have received. More than just teaching the mechanics and motion of an efficient golf swing. The teaching of being aware of what is happening in your body and your mind has been very helpful to me. Watching Danny Lee apply it himself is a joy to watch and worth putting in the drill time to “get” the swing.

  5. As Chi Chi Rodriguez said, David might be the finest instructor who ever lived. I was a decent player, could get hot and go low, but could also lose it and feel like I wanted to quit. I had gone to many of the “top” instructors in the country, played well for a few days after, but always reverted to the same issues – none of them had any idea when I asked “why” on some “fundamental” they thought was an absolute… they couldn’t answer.

    After spending an afternoon with David, and after reading the book and watching the DVDs, I steadily began to develop the gravity move… this resulted in consistent contact, much more compression, more mass hitting the ball, and with much more efficiency, as I was using less energy to propel the ball further and more consistently. Golf is an athletic movement – you can that in all the great ballstrikers – they moved not unlike anyone hitting a baseball or throwing a football or any motion where the lower leads a following relaxed upper. The question is how to learn what those greats somehow fell into… and that is David and Gravity Gold… it shows you how. I cannot recommend Gravity Golf enough.

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