Handmade Arc Putter “The Brik On A Stik”


The “Brik on a Stik,” is the newest offering in our line of “Arc” putters. This is the fifth putter David Lee has put into production, and he believes is the best so far. Lee says that each time he builds a new model, the first thing that happens is that he immediately begins trying to figure out ways to improve it. If you have seen our putting video, you know that we are great believers that putting on the arc is technically superior to putting straight back and straight through. All of our putter designs are made for players that want to putt on the arc instead of back and forth on the flight-line. The “Brik on a Stik” is a combination blade/mallet head that has an adjustable hosel for altering the loft or lie. It comes with an Allen wrench that allows you to set the lie and hand position that perfectly matches your own posture. Once the putter is perfectly adjusted for you, there is great consistency and ease of putting the ball exactly on the intended starting line. Try this putter and see that it gives the smoothest roll and has the best feel of any putter you’ve ever put in your hands!

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Head: 6061 T6 aircraft tooling aluminum

Head Weight: 315 grams

Loft and Lie: Adjustable

Shaft: Nippon Modus 120

Length: 34-37 (recommended)

Grip: Tour Quality Grip

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Weight 2.78 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 5 × 5 in

Left-Handed, Right-Handed

4 reviews for Handmade Arc Putter “The Brik On A Stik”

  1. Hi David,

    Congratulations on your newest putter! I’m definitely putting the Brick on a Stick on my “Santa Claus List”.

    I love my Arc Master. How would you compare/contrast these two putters?


    • Hi Bert,

      Give me a call and I’ll give you all of the comparative info on the two putters. Hope to see you soon!


  2. Sir David (“Edison”) Lee,

    FIVE JUST MIGHT BE MAGIC! I commend you for your latest and greatest PUTTER. I absolutely recommend this amazing “Stick.” I call it the “MAGIC MAGNET” because of the way it appears to PULL the [ Putting on the Arc] golfer’s
    ball into the cup with pinpoint (bull’s eye) accuracy.

    While the “Wordsmith” in me winces at the name, it surely works to near perfection. Thank you for your personal, professional, and expeditious service
    in building it for me. John (Cy) Perry [Charleston, SC]

    • John, thanks for your very nice comments on the new putter. It may not look as sexy as some of the putters on the market, but it sure does putt well. Thanks again and enjoy your time on the greens!

      David Lee

  3. David,

    I love my Arc Master Putter even though I take a lot of ribbing about it. The center shaft on The Brik on a Stik seems contrary to putting on the Arc?


    • Vance,

      Thanks for your note. The advantage of the Brik on a Stik is that unlike most faced balanced putters, because of the adjustable hosel, it will putt on the arc. Being able to adjust the trap angle enables this to be customisable just for your perfect stroke. Thanks again and we look forward to keeping up!

  4. The Brik on a Stik is what I’ve searched for my entire golfing life. Equally so is the technique to use it. Being a good ball striker & a great scrambler, I’ve been able to contend in local & state competitions. My biggest weakness was always my putting, most particularly, short putts and speed on long putts. The technique & the Brik have greatly improved that facet of my game. The feeling of moving the ball with core rotation and mass, and seeing the benefit in strokes gained, is a tremendous feeling. Thanks Gravity Golf!

    • Jim we are so pleased to be a part of bringing joy to your game. Thank you for sharing!

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