3 Day Golf School Tuition Balance


If your deposit has already been paid, by completing this page your “Gravity” Golf School balance is fulfilled. If there is a discount that should be applied to your account, contact us for the “coupon code” before checking out.

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You are about to embark on a three-day adventure that will affect the rest of your golf life in a very positive manner. If you don’t already know, you should be aware that no one can fully train their body to do anything physically in only three days. What you can and should expect to accomplish during your stay is to develop an in depth understanding of exactly how your golf swing should function, and more importantly, how you should practice when you return home so that your improvement will continue. Any player can only be pushed as fast as their own physiology will allow. We taylor all of our instruction to the capabilities of the individual which varies from person to person. The truth is – the better you become, the more we can teach you. We have many students that return to our schools when they feel ready to advance, or continue to communicate with us through our continuing education programs. Our desire and intention is to help you advance to whatever level your talent and discipline can achieve.

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