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What Should You Expect from a Three-Day “Gravity Golf” School?

You are about to embark on the most exciting and informative golf school adventure of your life! Know up-front that we will not try, or insist that you change anything. Any changes that occur in your swing, will happen because of a new understanding about how power should be correctly applied, both from a scientific and physiological standpoint. Once you know how to practice “perfectly,” changes in your power application will occur naturally. Your improvement can be measured by your level of hand-eye coordination and the amount of time you can devote to practice. Once you witness how quickly improvement can happen, you won’t have to “find” time to practice, you will “make” time. We tailor all of our instruction to the capabilities of the individual, which varies from player to player. The truth is – the better you become, the more we can teach you. We have many students that return to our schools when they feel ready to advance, or they communicate with us through our continuing education programs. Our desire is to help you attain whatever level your talent and discipline will allow you to achieve.

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David Lee, Daniel Lee, Jim Edgin

6 reviews for 3 Day Golf School Tuition Balance

  1. I average playing twice a month. My handicap dropped from an 8 to a 2 in 3 months doing these drills after reading the book and watching the videos… then I went to a 3 day training with David and Danny Lee. It was awesome! I’m a science geek and a feel player so I love the Hands On training drills AND the physics/biomechanics-based reasoning. I don’t get to play that often but I can say for myself golf is much more enjoyable hitting the ball flush without trying to kill the ball. The game becomes much easier when you hit fairways and greens. The number one comment I get from the guys I play with is they can’t believe how far I hit the ball with such an “easy” swing. My answer is Gravity Golf.

  2. Took my first Gravity Golf lesson with Jim Edgin. Jim met me at my car where he introduced himself and from there we hit it off. I have been practicing or trying to imitate David and Danny Lee by watching the YouTube videos for a couple years. I think I watched every video 10 times or more before I set up my own practice sessions. Nothing compares to having an instructor watching you for 4 hours perform the drills. Jim took me out of my comfort zone where I started to understand both good and bad shots. Just by watching the videos and practicing Gravity Golf I was able to reduce my handicap by 8 strokes. Now with Jim Edgin guidance I feel confident, with practice, I will see single digit handicap this year. Oh, I am from New Hampshire, anyone in New Hampshire or Massachusetts use Gravity Golf, I am on FB. Let me know and we can get together.

  3. The Gravity Golf schools and the Gravity Golf “system” is one of the most comprehensive and effective teaching methodologies that I have seen and experienced. David and Danny Lee are fantastic teachers and very patient. They let you as the student learn what works best for your body type as every person’s swing has unique needs based on the student’s body type. Too many teachers try to stick to one swing model and it simply doesn’t work for the human anatomy. I’ve even done some of my own personal research using K-Motion systems to track the kinematic sequence of the golf swing. The Gravity Golf drills put the body into the proper kinematic sequences by default. You simply don’t have to think about it which is always the goal of a great learning experience. As a student or golfer, you will truly feel the mass of your body going through the ball with the Gravity Golf drills and it’s a feeling like no other type of swing in golf. Once you get that “eureka” moment and that feeling of body mass getting through the ball, you will know Gravity Golf is the real deal!

  4. I quit golf after 17 years of frustration! Then I met David Lee by accident, in 4 months I was back to shooting 75. Thanks for all the pleasure I have experienced.

  5. David and Daniel are wonderful teachers that have put a lot of time and effort into developing drills and instruction that help us learn golf the way we learned to walk.

  6. I have known about Gravity Golf for many years and purchased their materials back in the late 80’s the first time. I met David at the Florida World Wood golf courses and was very interested in his teaching methods. I now live in the country of Panama after being in Costa Rica for 11 years. Just purchased new updated videos recently about putting on the arc and the gravity swing.. After reviewing them I decided to purchase the Brick on the Stick putter. Boy!!!! do I love it. I have taken many strokes off my game with this great putter. David is way ahead of the game with his thinking and techniques . You cannot go wrong with this company and they are really helpful , personable, and friendly with their customers. I recommend them highly. As a former business owner this is the best way to get customers, provide something unique. Thank you David, Danny and Crickett. Ken Nelson Boquete Panama.

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