Using Adaptive Gravity Golf Drills

Adapting to any kind of challenge requires a shift in perspective and getting gravity at work in your golf swing takes exactly that. In order to find a new and more efficient way of feeling your body in harmony with your golf swing, it is essential to create an environment, as well as an intention, that will facilitate the change. Necessity is the mother of all invention, which is exactly what these types of drills facilitate; they assist you in inventing new ways to adapt to the laws of motion. It has been a passion of ours since the creation of this system to develop adaptive Gravity Golf drills that work for all abilities of golfers.

Whether or not you are playing as a 1 armed individual or you have all the faculties at your disposal, change in efficiency is all about creating awareness.

Using Adaptive Gravity Golf Drills

The ability to feel gravity at work in your golf swing is formed through feeling it at a higher level to begin with. Imagine when you lean forward to take a small step, verses when you lean forward to go into a sprint. If you are making a stride into your swing it will help you feel how to gain momentum throughout your swing and transfer your energy through the ball. Most people spend their golfing lives with their center of mass starting so close to the ball, making it is very difficult to ever feel gravity at work in their golf swing because there is so little room to fall. In addition to feeling the body fall, the sequence of the swing is much easier to develop when there is more time to let the parts flow together.

When you go to practice, whether in your backyard, on the driving range or taking practice shots on the golf course, let yourself attempt a series of these type of swings and see how well you can feel a soft transition. You will be amazed at how flush you can make contact with the ball, even with all that is going on in the swing.


Start this drill by putting your feet together, the club in 1 hand and the ball a good ways out to your left (for a right handed player). As with most other drills, the sequence here is the same as in a normal Gravity Golf Swing.


1st. Set the heave into motion from low in your core from as tall a posture as possible while letting the club and arm float up as close to vertical as possible.

2nd. Allow yourself to turn to the right, at the same time step to the left with your left foot and your back facing the target.

3rd. When your weight lands into your left foot and your body is still turning to the right, allow your shoulder to drop.

4th. Turn through so that the front of your body is facing the target and the arm/club come along for the ride. Continue through your turn so that you are able to walk tall and in balance towards your target with a smooth stride.

Practice such as this is something that will take you to a completely different level in your body mechanics. Trust the natural forces of motion and allow yourself to feel gravity at work in your golf swing, for the rest of your life!

A Blog By: Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee Gravity Golf Instructor
David Lee’s son Daniel Lee has been assisting with golf schools since the age of 8 and began teaching golf on his own when he was 15 years old.


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