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“If you swing incorrectly, some of the energy goes into the golf ball, and some of it goes back into you.” – David Lee

From both a physiological and physics perspective, there is an ideal way for swinging the golf club that will create effortless power. Nicklaus, Trevino and Annika Sorenstam were prime examples of Gravity Golf swing mechanics throughout their careers. Distance and power in the golf swing can be produced in a number of ways, but essentially by either muscular forces or by connected mass in rotation. My son Daniel’s has been perfecting the Gravity Golf swing and is a great example of how to use this method. In a technically correct move such as his, the swing functions as a sling, instead of a hit down at the ball. At the top of the backswing it feels as though the ball is stuck to the club face, not sitting on the ground, and the forward turn simply slings the ball from the club. There is no attempt whatsoever to hunt the ball with the arms and clubhead – the ball is just incidentally in the path of the swing.

A physically strong player can create power from shoulder and arm strength, but women, children and older men, gain significantly more distance by powering the swing through core speed, arc size, and timing. You can impart more energy to a golf ball, with far less effort, using your pounds instead of your strength.

Learn how to apply power correctly using the unique “Gravity” golf drills. These drills will allow you to create the greatest distance off the tee that your physiology is capable of producing, and they are extremely easy on your body, especially as you continue to age. By using the Gravity Golf swing you will be able to have the longest career you are capable of and work at the highest level of efficiency.

Master all parts of your game with the Gravity Golf Challenge!


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