To Have a Golf Swing Made Simple, Utilize the Natural Force of Gravity.
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“Learning Gravity Golf is about finding a golf swing made simple for your body and discovering how efficiently you can move when handling a golf club.” – David Lee

Most people try to physically strike the ball in the downswing.  Almost everyone flexes the shoulders and arms to some degree when they try to advance the golf ball.  The flex in the downswing is an action, and the reaction to that action, comes in the form of a plane change.  If we want to eliminate the plane change, then we must eliminate the action that causes it.  We can accomplish this by employing gravity as an external power source.

A Golf Swing Made Simple With Gravity and Physics

By using gravity to start the forward rotation we can bypass the consequences of the third law of motion.  The power in a proper Gravity Golf swing is created through arc size, sequence and mass rotation. In order to have a golf swing made simple, using gravity it is imperative.  A golf swing that is powered by gravity also has the advantage of minimal strength requirements.  If you watch some of the women golfers that train under the Gravity system, they have enormous distance. These women often times have bodies that to most of the outside world would be assumed to be incapable of such power.  Most women golfers have less muscle to pound it from tee to green than a guy like Arnold Palmer did in his day and therefore must rely on the technique of gravity instead of strength.

I didn’t invent the Gravity Golf swing.  All I did was figure out how it worked and give it a name that I felt was appropriate. Gravity helps the golf swing work in three different areas.  Gravity returns the weight from the right foot to the left foot right at the completion of the backswing.  Gravity starts the arms down, and momentum and gravity carry you into the counterfall which starts the forward rotation that carries the player to the finish of the swing. When you hit the ball with more pounds and less muscle, you’ll get tremendous distances with little effort.  The realization that you can swing easier and hit the ball farther is an eye opener.  You can actually have a slower moving club-head and hit the ball farther than with a fast moving one.

How to Have a Golf Swing Made Simple, Stay Simple

The paradox of the Gravity Golf swing is that it’s extremely powerful if you stay out of the way and let it operate. If you put a muscular flex in the middle of it, you will pull the body off balance and pull the club out of plane. Once you begin hitting the ball with mass instead of muscle, you’ll experience golf shots like nothing that you’ve ever imagined before. Anyone can learn to hit a golf ball like Lee Trevino or Freddie Couples, but you must understand what you are doing. There is a definite recipe to the Gravity Golf swing, and if you understand it, you’ll be rewarded for as long as you live.

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