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Golf alignment has been taught from a static position historically, and has caused it to be one of the most confusing things in the sport of golf. – Daniel Lee

Anytime you see someone, even a PGA Tour professional, lay a club or rod on the ground to check their golf swing alignment, you know immediately that the player is confused. First of all, alignment is a function of grip. If the clubface is open within the grip, alignment is to the right; if it is closed within the grip, alignment is to the left. Secondly, and the most misunderstood aspect of golf alignment, is that it is a function of the ball’s relativity to where your center of mass is at the point of impact.

It works just like a geometric compass when drawing a perfect circle relative to a point in the middle. If the ball is too far forward in the stance or your weight farther towards your back foot, alignment is to the left; if the golf ball is too far back in the stance or weight farther forward, alignment is to the right. Thirdly, and most importantly, alignment is a function of body sequencing/timing that will control where your weight is at the point of impact – just like when throwing a ball to a target. This is where it gets confusing because – without proper sequencing, we can change our alignment in the downswing by applying power incorrectly and leverage your center of mass to a different place without ever moving the position of our feet.

Where your mass is at impact has a direct relation to the direction your golf ball will start. Put simply, if your ball starts to the right for a right handed golfer, you know the ball was too far back at the point of impact and your weight was too far forwards. If the ball is going to the left, you know that that ball was too far forwards and your weight was too far back. This can be a challenging concept to grasp at first, but this is how alignment works in tennis, soccer, baseball and all other sports where there is a combination of rotational and linear motion occurring.

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