“Make a golf drill challenging enough so that your instincts change for the better…the method is the magic.” – Daniel Lee

By doing the cross-footed golf drill in a one-handed mode we can increase our sensitivity to keeping muscle out of the swing. This drill will let you feel how important it is to allow the arm to start down in a state of complete “dead fall” and to feel the counter-fall and turn of the body sling the arm through impact. If you try to “strike” the ball with the right arm in this drill, you will in all likelihood miss-hit the shot every time.

Right arm drills are difficult initially because of the large arc size but are very important to master. One of the important benefits of this drill is that it teaches you how to isolate your “perfect” swing-plane because you can’t hit the ball solidly from the drill unless you’re in that plane. Handling the club in this mode may feel cumbersome until proper core movement from the body begins to hold the club in-plane with centrifugal force. Notice how the body is leading the arm coming into impact and slinging it and the club to the finish of the swing. You’ll be amazed at how solidly the ball can be struck in a right-handed, cross-footed mode, front-route mode.

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