“Front-routes” are the best way to get the core of your body to become the “engine” for your golf swing. – David Lee

This drill is at the forefront of “Gravity” golf training exercises. It can be done with any club but is especially important with a driver. The purpose of swinging the club in a front-circle is to get the core of the body working as the power source for the swing. It helps to eliminate the “hit” impulse that almost all players develop when they learn the game.

With few exceptions, golfers add tension in the change of direction right at the beginning of the downswing. Swinging the club in a continuous circle makes the player sense that the swing is a sling and not a hit.

Once you can contact the ball solidly from the front-route, then you can begin hitting some shots with a normal change of direction. No beginning player (and for that matter, anyone who has trouble breaking 90) should be attempting to change directions (normal swing mode – with a back-swing and a down-swing) until they can successfully and consistently hit the ball from the front-route mode. The ball can be hit just as far or farther from this mode than in a normal swing mode. As stated, this drill makes the swing feel like a “sling” instead of a “hit.” Practicing from this training mode on a regular basis will give you a great swing!