Short Game Program (4 Weeks)


This four week program is designed to touch all facets of the short game and putting. Gravity Golf’s comprehensive approach will teach you to play the ball around the greens with soft hands and exceptional control. Joining this program is a guaranteed way to develop the best short game skills possible.

Time: 3:00 – 5:00 PM | Wednesday Afternoons for Four Weeks
Cost: $400
Includes: Instruction, Golf Balls, Facility Fees
Instructor: David Lee
Class Size: 8 Students


Week 1

  • Meet and Greet – History and Goal Setting
  • Master Soft Hands in Chipping, Pitching and Putting

Week 2

  • Lag Putting and Percentage Shots
  • Cause of the “Yips” in Both Putting & Short Shots

Week 3

  • Gravity Bunker Shots
  • Removing Slack From Your Putting Stroke

Week 4

  • Distance Training and Loft Control With Your Wedges
  • Specialty Shots and Side Hill Slopes



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