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An Adaptive Golf School is designed to be a transformative experience in learning how to work in compliance with your body regardless of added challenge you may have. The 1 Day School starts at 8:30 AM and runs until 5:00 PM with a break in between for lunch.
Anyone working on their swing through adaptive golf will benefit greatly through understanding how to partner with gravity and apply power in the most efficient manner.

You will experience a blend of time on the practice tee, short game areas, and on course instruction tailored to your specific needs.

We encourage our students to stay in touch after the school and keep us up to date on their continual practice regiments. This allows us to stair step your goals in order for us to provide support in the further development of your game.


  • 8 hrs of instruction facility usage & golf balls, as well as lunch.
  • A Personal Plan for Continuous Improvement.
  • Adaptive Golf School attendees receive a 30% discount at the OCN Lodge.
  • Orange County Resident Rate for greens fees the day after the class


Adaptive golfers have a necessity to hone the best technique possible, as it is the only way to excel with the differences that are encountered. Swinging in a challenged mode of only having one arm or leg will make us aware to a path shift if the technique is applied incorrectly. The brain, in its infinite wisdom, senses this and can figure out how to ideally apply power and maintain path-integrity. Anyone working on their swing through adaptive golf definitely needs to understand how to partner with gravity and apply power in the most efficient manner.
Once a player knows how to partner with gravity, instead of doing all the work with his/her own strength, golf becomes far easier. Using the Gravity training methods makes learning much easier because the entire teaching system is based upon challenging the body physically. If you can find a way to attach a golf club to your body and simply turn, you can move a golf ball. The approach taken at Gravity Golf shows all players, including adaptive golfers, how to develop the maximum distance and control that the individual’s physical abilities will allow.


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