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Golf Psychology 101 – Prioritizing What You See

The purpose of this video is to discuss the golf psychology of what can occur when a player steps onto the golf course and fear sets in. There is a direct correlation between what is going on between the ears and the tension levels throughout your body. When most people set up to a shot that has water between them and the green, the first thing that enters their mind is fear. Fear makes them tense in the upper body, which inhibits a pure release in the swing, and will likely cause a miss-hit shot.

Golf Psychology 101:

The most important thing to remember in golf, is that you must hit the ball flush. This concept should be deeply ingrained in your mind as you step up to any shot. When you approach a shot that has perceived trouble, put your mindset beyond the flag. Let go of specifics in the downswing and try to make a freewheeling swing. Let your mind go beyond what you see in front of you. Try to be aware that there if the lake weren’t there, you would step up without any apprehension and feel free to swing away. You have to get it in your head that the place you’re putting your focus is specific, and all other thoughts cease to matter. This is what players are referring to when they say they’re playing to a picture. Try to ingrain this kind of a habit by looking past the flag and releasing the shot to a point beyond the hole. If you’ve picked the right club, the ball will only go as far as the flag. To develop control over a fearful brain, it’s very important to focus beyond things that are right in front of you.

Daniel Lee
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