How To Hit A Draw And Master It On The Golf Course

In the modern day swing, most accomplished players hit a fade as a “bread and butter” shot, or “go to” shot, because the hands and wrists are more passive and all that’s required is to drop the arms at the top of the back-swing and keep turning as one of the things we teach in our Gravity Golf School. If the timing is correct, the toe of the club will not pass the heel prior to impact with the ball, and the shot is very reliable.

However, many holes set up for a draw, and it is necessary to know how to execute one. On many occasions, the draw will give more distance because the trajectory is lower and the ball will tend to run out better when it hits the fairway. The timing is slightly more complex than with a fade because the toe of the club must pass the heel coming into impact with the ball. Just as the wrists and hands are about to pronate and release into impact, it is necessary to “tap the brake” so to speak, on the leading leg, and that will cause the toe of the club to trip over the heel, and the ball will turn left. However, when hitting a draw, if the pronation of the right hand and forearm is forced by muscular strength instead of by centrifugal force from the body-turn, energy will back-flow into the body and the plane can easily be violated and the shot miss-hit.

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Even though the draw is more of a timing challenge than a fade, if you wish to be a complete player, it is necessary to master your ability to control it. Without going into all the technical movements involved, I would highly recommend that anyone wishing to hit draws correctly, do the Three-Mode-Drill which is one of the fundamental drills of a Gravity Golf School. You begin by hitting a right-handed shot, then a left-handed shot, then a two-handed one, and then start the sequence over again. You should be able to comfortably draw the ball from each of the three modes and although the following YouTube clip does not deal specifically with hitting a draw, it shows you how to practice a three mode drill. Align yourself to the right of the target and practice trying to draw the ball with each arm and then both, and you will soon know how to hit a draw in a technically proper manner.

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