Part 2 – Give Up the Insanity, #1 Lesson From The Golf Schools Florida

Over the years Gravity Golf Schools have developed well more than a hundred drills. The science of reduced has brought the number to fewer drills that are extremely difficult to fake. Faking a drill means having the ability to get the club back onto the ball at impact without the technique being ideal.

By practicing these drills, a player can isolate Freddie Couples like golf swing in his/her own body. You will do it by feel, instead of having to be told the specific positions for your body parts and club throughout the swing.

The Best Way to Learn a Golf Swing

Learning step by step through positions is an absolutely insane way to learn a golf swing! Please hear me, positions are absolutely critical for the swing to be technically perfect. The fact is HOWEVER those positions are different for every person depending on their unique physiology. How your bones are particularly bent, and how your mass is distributed on your frame, will dictate that there is an ideal plane for your body – and your body only! The Gravity Golf drills taught in our Golf Schools in Florida or in the Gravity Golf Challenge will tell you exactly where that ideal plane is by feel, rather than thinking positions!

In our modern world where we’ve all been bombarded with advertising, it’s easy to be cynical and say “well, those characters at Gravity Golf are just trying to sell me something.” Believe me; I understand that mentality perfectly – in fact, about most things I read and see on TV or the internet, I feel exactly the same way. But consider this; moving a golf ball in an ideal manner is a very complicated endeavor because it involves multiple disciplines.

The Challenges We Face

There are many people who are versed in each of these disciplines, but few that are proficient at all of them. There are physics issues, multiple physiological problems, complex geometric challenges – not to mention the ones we face from the psychology! Touring pros feel all these things from years of experience, but explaining them is a different kettle of fish altogether. This game holds people that are perfectionist tightly in its grasp because they are determined to conquer it – otherwise they usually give it up altogether. How many things in life do we spend so much money on that most folks do so poorly? It’s almost embarrassing for those who consider themselves to be fairly coordinated and intelligent!

Put the Science to the Test

The concepts of the Gravity Golf Schools in Florida are built on rock solid principles that should be studied and challenged by you. The most important decision you’ll ever make in golf concerns whose information you allow to influence and shape the development of your technique! Anytime someone tells you something about the golf swing, you should challenge the science behind what you’re being told – not take it for granted. Teaching golf to people who have a “kill” concept when they stand over golf ball is not an easy way to make a living!

There are much simpler ways to steal from others if you’re inclined that way. Although we pay our rent teaching the game, our first motive is to help people do something that they claim to love, in a more reliable and enjoyable manner, with a swing that will last a lifetime! Challenge us to do that for you!

Thanks for your time in reading some of my thoughts. They were written with heartfelt good wishes for your golf game.

Written by: David Lee

David Lee Gravity Golf Instructor and Creator
David Lee has worked with over 40 Major Winners Including Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino and is the Creator of Gravity Golf

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