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Arc Putting is Technically Superior

The reason that the rotary kick replaced the straight-on kick in football is because the physics are better. Some years back, soccer players from Europe began taking the place kicking jobs away from the Americans. They were eighty percent of the size of the NFL players, but kicked the ball farther and straighter. A rotary kicker kicks with the weight of his core-mass and leg. The straight-on kicker kicks with only the mass and strength of the leg. Most older Champions Tour players that knew him, believed that Bobby Locke was the finest putter they had ever seen. Bobby putted on the arc, as did Ben Crenshaw, who was another fabulous putter. One reason that more tour players don’t putt on the arc, is that modern putters are not designed to do so. For some inexplicable reason, most modern putting tools are actually designed to go back and forth on the flight-line.

The World is in the Dark

The reasons that more golfers don’t putt on the arc, are many. First, as mentioned earlier, modern day putters are not designed to putt on the arc. They are too short and too upright in lie-angle to be used effectively as arc putters. Secondly, instinct among almost all golfers, is to power the golf ball with the strength of the shoulders and arms. Players that putt on the arc, employ passive hands and arms, and power the stroke with a subtle turn of the body. Thirdly, the subtleties of putting on the arc are enormous, compared to just shoving the ball down the flight-line. There are secrets to properly connecting the core-mass as a power source in an arc putting stroke. Even after five-hundred years, those secrets are just now beginning to be understood by the golf world.

The Best Putter For Arc Putting

The ”Yips” Have Plagued Golfers for Centuries

For many years, golfers have been tormented by a horrible malady that affects many players, and that ailment is called the “yips.” The yips have driven many top professionals from the game and caused others continuous problems. The technical name for the yips is “focal dystonia,” and they have been studied for years at many institutions around the world. David Lee, the developer of Gravity Golf has been conducting research on the yips for more than forty years. Most scientists believe the yips are caused by neurological problems. Lee was told by Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Arnold Palmer and other top professionals, that in their opinions, more than 75% of all pros have been victim to the yips at some time during their careers. This caused Lee to disregard the opinion of the yips being a neurological problem, and instead, believed the yips to be a mechanical issue. “I’ll never be convinced that 75% of tour players are neurologically damaged,” says Lee.

Solutions for the “Yips” Through Arc Putting

After forty-two years of searching for the cause of the yips, Lee finally discovered that slack in the back-bone was the culprit he had been seeking. That slack triggers an involuntary flinch in the hands at impact when a player hits a putt, chip, or short pitch. Once Lee had isolated the issue, he set about developing training techniques for removing the slack. He realized that slack in the back-bone was a design of human anatomy that allows freedom of movement in the body. Removing the slack required some adjustments in posture at address to the ball, and with this discovery, the problem was solved. The involuntary flinch at impact immediately leaves any player, once they understand what to do. You can learn about curing the yips on our web-site or in David’s new book and videos on the subject.

The Best of Both Worlds

When you understand the most technically proper method for applying power to a putt, plus having the right putter, you have the best of both worlds. The “Arc Master”, and the “Brik on a Stik,” look different, yet both are designed to putt on the arc. Some players prefer a mallet head putter, while others prefer the look of a blade style. The advantage of each, is that they are typically longer, flatter in lie, and allow the player to stand more erect. This, in turn, enables the golfer to post comfortably over the leading leg, and easily release the body mass through impact with the ball. The more mass that is naturally released, the less effort required for power, and the softer your touch will be. Regardless of which putter you choose, putting on the arc will take that part of your golf game to an entirely new level.


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