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Remote Education Program – Online Golf Lessons With Your Own Gravity Golf Instructor


The Remote Education Program lets you take Gravity Golf Instruction from your home.


We have created a unique Progress Management System that each student will have at their disposal. Through this system you and your Gravity Golf instructor will keep track of every aspect of your golf game. You will have the ability to upload videos of the drills you are practicing; a place to keep track of your stats from your rounds; a time management system for your practice schedule and so much more.

You will meet with your Gravity Golf instructor either on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and the two of you will assess your progress and make sure that it is inline with your current goals. This chance to build a step by step plan with personal assistance, is unparalleled. Take this opportunity to create the golf game you have always desired.

The Remote Education Program is tailored to each student’s needs, working hand in hand with their certified Gravity Golf instructor. This program is for students interested in creating awareness in their game and a time managed plan for reaching personal goals. You and your instructor will meet at a scheduled time over the phone or a digital platform of preference, to review practice sessions, course statistics and progress. By using video and a specialized Gravity Golf Player Management System, you and your trainer will be able to keep track of your step by step development.

A Remote Education Lesson consist of a 30 minutes phone call or virtual call via Skype or WhatsApp with you golf instructor. There is a weekly or bi-weekly option for lessons. Before each lesson your instructor will be reviewing any videos and practice information you have recorded. During your call, you will be going through what you have been experiencing in your practice and then outlining an updated routine based off your specific strengths and weaknesses. Call 407-347-5288 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

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1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months

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  1. The Gravity Remote Education Program has really helped take my game to the next level! Working with Danny remotely has given me the chance to integrate what I learned at the Gravity Golf school into my everyday golf game. I have the tendency to fall back into bad habits but regular remote sessions with Danny have kept me on track and have improved my game exponentially. I highly recommend these remote sessions for the serious golfer who wants to continuously improve his / her game. Danny and the Gravity team are the only people I trust with my swing so this program makes it possible to fine tune my game from anywhere in the world!

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