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Junior Lesson Packages – Instructor Jim Edgin – Ozark, Arkansas


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This program is one of the best ways to help your juniors develop fundamentals that will serve them for a lifetime. Through this class, the students will build a foundation for learning how to create a powerful sling that works with gravity and utilizes the natural laws of motion to create the ideal formula for efficient energy and control. This unique type of practice will help develop self awareness through specially designed drills and by creating an environment that promotes the same type of prowess one would find in martial arts. This opportunity is a chance to come together as a group, grow communication skills and produce world class golf swings.

Our Gravity Golf instructors have helped acquire over $5 million in college scholarships for their students. The Junior Player Development Program provides each student with the “Gravity” Golf fundamentals of learning to play through feel that creates exceptional power, control and soft touch around the greens. These principles allow students to maximize their efficiency and distance control. By giving them the tools to create a world class golf swing, they can thrive anywhere they want to play.

Class Time:

Option 1: One Lesson Per Week | 1 ½ Hour Lessons
Option 2: Two Lessons Per Week | 1 ½ Hour Lessons

Class Duration:

8 Weeks

Class Size:

*3 Students Max Per Class

Materials Needed:

  • Driving Range Access
  • Full Set of Clubs
  • Something to take notes with (pen and paper, smart phone)

Pricing and Policies

Single – 8 lessons $320 ($40/lesson)  |  16 lessons $560 ($35/lesson)

Partner (2 Players) – 8 lessons $200 ($25/lesson)  | 16 lessons $320 ($20/lesson)

Team (3 players) – 8 lessons $160 ($20/lesson)  |  16 lessons $240 ($15/lesson)

*Refunds – Will be available up to 15 days prior to starting Lesson Package

Additional information

Lessons Package

Single – 8 Lessons – $320 ($40/lesson) , Partner (2 Juniors) – 8 Lessons – $400 ($25/lesson), Team (3 Juniors) – 8 Lessons – $480 ($20/lesson), Single – 16 Lessons – $560 ($35/lesson) , Partner (2 Juniors) – 16 Lessons – $640 ($20/lesson), Team (3 Juniors) – 16 Lessons – $720 ($15/lesson)


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