Tiger Woods is learning the hard way how his golf swing is hurting his back

If Your Golf Swing Is Hurting Your Body, It’s Also Stealing Your Power

Knowing how to swing the club properly, like Louis Oosthuizen, Justin Thomas, and a growing number of other tour players, allows the player to put all of their swing energy against the ball, and a minimal amount back into him or herself.

The modern day golf swing, that we call the “Gravity” swing, uses body mass, arc size and timing, to create effortless power and more accurate shots. From a technique standpoint, it is naturally balanced for all players, but gives particular advantage to women, juniors, as well as older players who are relying on muscle strength for all their power that may not be there. A very specific, but simple recipe for making your golf swing work exists, and it works for all facets of the game, from tee shots, all the way down to the putter.

As with many things in life, the key is in understanding. Knowing how to swing and practice correctly will pay dividends to your physical health, your longevity in the game, and to your enjoyment of the sport we love. At Gravity Golf, we know how the swing should ideally function, and more importantly, we know how to communicate its proper development to you. Utilize our Free Video Library and the various drills that will help you identify what is working with or against your body. If you are interested in learning the techniques of Gravity Golf in depth, you now have the opportunity to take the brand new 48 lesson progressive curriculum, known as the Gravity Golf Challenge. Please feel to call us (407) 347-5288, and we will help you improve the future of your golf game.

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  1. April 20, 2019

    I remember one tip that Daniel shared with us via video about getting the club shaft vertical during the heave and after incorporating this into my swing I discovered how tension free it made my arms feel and allowing them to sling the club head during the counter fall, thanks Daniel!
    Tom Helwick, Livingston, Montana

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