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Golf Drills | Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment & You’ll Be Greatly Rewarded For Your Efforts!

Anyone who follows the concepts of Gravity Golf knows that we use specially designed golf drills to isolate proper swing technique in our students. Although most golfers who are doing the exercises, understand their purpose, there is one thing about the drills that is not apparent to everyone. On almost a weekly basis I get a call from someone that tells me they are practicing the drills, but haven’t yet mastered them, and they are worried about doing them wrong. The purpose of this writing is to inform any Gravity Golf student that this should not be an issue of concern.

Over the past thirty years, we have developed many golf drills, most of which have been replaced by better ones that are harder to “fake.” Faking a drill means that the player can hit decent shots from the exercise while using less than “ideal” technique. The few drills that we currently use are extremely difficult to fake and will therefore isolate perfect mechanics in anyone who masters them. Since these Gravity Golf drills will not give good results for inferior technique, you should not be afraid to experiment with them.

It’s Ok To Experiment With Your Drills

Monkey with the grip, adjust the posture, the ball position and alignment, the origin and intensity of the back-swing, as well as the routing of the trailing arm. As long as you are practicing in the drills and not in your normal swing mode, your brain will be forced to find proper technique to get satisfactory results – and believe me – it will do it. The feedback from your ball-flight, the amount of effort you use, and your level of comfort, will tell you in no uncertain terms if you are doing the drills correctly. You won’t need a rocket scientist telling you when the swing is right – you will feel it instantly.

By experimenting with your body through these exercises, and listening to what it tells you, a super (and reliable) swing will soon be yours. Study the drills on our web-site and in our DVD’s and use them in your practice. You’ll be greatly rewarded for your efforts.

For a step by step guide to mastering your golf game, take the Gravity Golf Challenge!

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