Walk Through Your Shots

If you were to mention the name Gary Player, the first thing that most people think is, “wasn’t he the guy that walked through his shots?” Yes he was, and he also won a US Open that way while being one of the smallest guys on The PGA Tour. Watching players coming down the stretch on Sunday, especially when the pressure is on, you very well might see them finishing their swing with a fervent walk towards their target. 

Increasing Kinetic Energy Through You Golf Swing

As simple as the concept of “walk through your shots” may seem, the impact that it can have on your swing mechanics and your mental focus are profound. The first thing that begins to happen when you allow yourself to step through your shots, is the increased amount of kinetic energy that goes into the ball. The vast majority of golfers play the ball so far back in their stance, that in order for them to maintain their alignment they must rotate with their weight in the middle of their feet. If you were to walk through your shot from a ball position that far back, you would immediately notice that the ball’s start line would be much further right than you had intended. To study more about this concept of alignment, check out these two videos on How To Hit Your Driver Straight and, Dynamic Alignment. Allow yourself to experiment, with moving the ball farther forwards as you learn to walk through your shots with ease.

Why To Finish Your Golf Swing

Having visited some of the adaptive golf community, it is easy to see how crucial the relationship is between forward momentum and the kinetic energy. There is a tremendous necessity for these individuals to be efficient in the way that they create power due to their physical challenges. To watch more about these inspiring individuals go watch our interview with some of the world’s best 1 arm golfers.  One of my favorite terms coined by one of these players, is to “Get a Good Towards…” which relates to having the right intention, and the best golf swing finish you can achieve. In everyday golf, you will hear terms such as, “clearing your hips”, “getting through your shot”, “finishing your follow through,” and many more idioms that are related to getting your mass through your shots. The plain and simple of it, is that if you want to move something, your energy must go through it. 

What Can Gary Player’s Golf Swing Finish Teach You?

Setting your intentions to walk through your golf swing, will allow you to change your perception of feel through your impact zone. You will immediately know after you have made contact with the ball if you are in sequence and moving freely. When it is time for your back foot to step down the target line after impact, you will feel the difference between it being done with great ease, or if there is redisense in the initial motion. This can be exemplified to an even higher degree if you set up an uphill shot with the same intention of walking through impact as smoothly as possible towards your target. A great flashback is the time that Sergio Garcia came running up the hill after his shot at the PGA Tour Championship. When your intention is about allowing yourself to move as unencumbered as possible towards where you want to go, timing and sequence are now gifted through context. 

Powerful, Effortless, Pain-Free Golf Swing

One of the greatest benefits for anyone that experiences pain during or after their golf swing, is being able to minimize the amount of internalized energy. The balancing attributes of centrifugal force and the nature of linear motion in the golf swing, will be offset if you can easily walk through your swing. Creating harmony between the laws of motion, will alleviate the internalized energy that can injure your body. Simplify your objectives down to freely walking through your shots, sweeping the ball off the contour and brush the turf. This type of motion will allow you to send energy towards your intention, instead of hanging back and leveraging your own energy against yourself. 

Walk Through Your Shot Into A New Future

Enjoy this opportunity to feel the stress fade away, and learn to draw in the simplicity of focusing on where you want to go. Allow gravity to feed you into your walk and it will harness the natural power of kinetic motion. This type of perspective gives you freedom to pursue your intentions with finesse. If you would like to dive deeper into this exploratory journey of your senses and are ready to pave a path of self care and harmony throughout your golf swing, take the  Gravity Golf Challenge. Your opportunities lie with your ability to create an environment in which you can thrive, and a perspective to let yourself be molded by the natural forces of gravity.


  1. September 28, 2020

    Very well stated. When you walk through your shot is does convert the energy that gets internalized and can create pain and dysfunction into the spine. It transfers it into the ball instead of into the body.

  2. September 28, 2020

    light years ahead Mr Lee& son. Ever noticed when for example a 5 iron isn’t enough so you hit an easy 4 ball flies OVER the green,, flushed it EFFORTLESSLY . That’s gravity golf.

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