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“Great leg and footwork is the key to a great golf swing” – Daniel Lee

When I began studying Jack Nicklaus’ and Lee Trevino’s golf swings in the early seventies, it was apparent that they employed a totally different timing than most other players. The majority of golfers shift their weight to the rear foot in back-swing and start down with the arms as they shift their weight back to the front foot. In the modern day swing, the weight shift moves to the rear foot and completely back to the front foot by the time the back-swing is complete.

The Transfer Drill with the feet in motion, was the first one that I developed and it allowed me to feel the 2:1 timing where the weight shift goes both to the right and back to the left while the arms and shoulders simply go back. This promotes the development of what golf instructors call full “coil” or “separation” at the completion of the back-swing. The 2:1 timing gives the body sufficient time to get into the counter-fall and fully release the body’s mass through the shot. The modern day term for moving the ball with mass instead of muscle is called “smash factor” and will allow players of lesser strength to create great power.

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