Yoga For Golf by Dr. Darcy Dill

This week we would like to share with you a new video from one of our instructors, Dr. Darcy Dill, on how to integrate yoga into your golf practice. Personally, I have been practicing many forms of yoga regularly for the last four years and can attest to the wonderful benefits of gained functional motion, awareness of breath, and consciousness to work in harmony with my emotions on and off the golf course. As with so many of the Gravity Golf drills, your sensitivity to what natural forces are working with you or tension that can instill harmful leverage, stems from the environment you place yourself in and the intentions you create. Willingness to put yourself in uncomfortable situations and overcome them by letting go physically and emotionally is at the core of the Gravity Golf system. The physical nature of letting go reflects itself by deepening your breath into your lower abdomen, lowering your center of leverage, and increasing your state of balance. The emotional nature of letting go allows for the past and the future to subside their importance to the present moment. Enjoy this practice by allowing yourself to be fully immersed in everything that you feel. When you go to the course put this same practice into effect by letting go of any thought that creates tension or distracts you from the feeling of your swing and the intention of where you wish to go.


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