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Gravity Golf has a long history of giving people the tools needed to work past certain ideologies and physical limitations to create a new perspective on how the golf swing can work in harmony with the body and mind. Yoga has been on the rise in the western world over the last few decades and it is becoming much more widely accepted as a biomechanical friendly way of increasing functionality and reducing overall stress/tension. As firm believers in maintaining an open minded approach that allows us to learn and become more aware of how to keep our bodies in balance, on and off the golf course, we are proud to introduce this one day introduction course to a Yoga & Golf experience. With Gravity Golf’s learning style and Purely Yoga’s mind-body approach, we look forward to sharing our intention of a positive flow for your body, mind and swing.

7:30 AM – Yoga class – dynamic movement focus + meditation/visualization

To start the day in a way that will ease you in towards a full day of golf instruction, this flow sequence will begin with basic movements to warm up and prepare your body. We will continue to move dynamically through the sequence with Sun Salutations and standing poses, allowing for discovery of each pose and your personal relationship with it through body, mind and energy, just as you do on the golf course. Once we build the intensity, we bring it down to the ground and move it through deep stretch poses before the final release of energy in meditation and savasana. This work will help you in the connection and development of a free flowing golf swing that is easy on your body and your mind.

9:00 AM – Breakfast

9:45 AM Golf lesson, driving range – fundamental concepts of movement, working on dynamics of power and feel

Feeling a natural flow of how to utilize gravity to create easy power and comfortable motion starts with understand the fundamental concepts of movement. We will take you through a sequence of exercises, some of which you will be able to do from even the comfort of your own home, up through a more advanced practice routine. This will take you deep into the development of a dynamic golf swing that fits your body and gives you the best advantage utilizing the natural laws that gravity has to offer.

12:45 PM – Lunch

1:45 PM – Golf lesson, pitching and putting green – directing confident movement in short game

Harnessing the natural energy of gravity is used for great power as well as exceptional touch. As an alternative to using your hands, forearms and upper body in your short game for power, you will be learning how to take the tension out of them by letting your mass flow through even the smallest shots and leaving everything else left to feel.

4:00 PM – Yoga class – restorative + deep relaxation closing – 1.5 hours total

After a day of working with gravity, it’s now time to let gravity do all the work for you. This class is all about restoring your body and letting yourself relax into the evening. All poses are done on the ground, using props to help you find support and comfort with very little effort. The body and mind need these moments of rest after time spent working and learning in order to process the information and assimilate it into cognitive memory. A delicious extended savasana with guided visualization will send you off into a deep state of peace and bliss.


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