• TOUR EXPRESS, is a unique, science-based training program that is set to transform the golf world in 2018.
  • World class golf instructor David Lee, the inventor of the “Gravity” Golf teaching system, heads up the program.
  • Through the teaching concepts of “Gravity” Golf, athletically gifted persons can be taught the game so quickly, that by the end of only one year’s training, they can begin competing professionally.
  • Eight Candidates (4 men and 4 women), will be selected from Division I college, graduating, non-golfing athletes nationwide.
  • These candidates will not going be going on to play their own sport professionally, but would like to pursue alternative careers as competitive professional golfers
  • Players will be fully funded through the initial training year, and for four additional years of competition, during which they will attempt to receive their PGA or LPGA playing privileges
  • The eight players will be trained at beautiful Boca Lago Country Club, in Boca Raton, Florida, which will be undergoing a $4.3 million-dollar renovation beginning April 1, 2018
  • The inaugural TOUR EXPRESS team will be selected by September 1, 2018.

Paradigm shifts in the way the world views and accomplishes various activities can often happen very quickly. Two good examples of this in the sports world, were the rotary-place-kick replacement of the straightaway-kick in football, and the Fosbury “flop” in the sport of high- jumping. The five-hundred-year-old game of golf is poised for such a change. The purpose of this document is to present a program designed to substantially reduce the time and effort it takes to transform young, non-golfing athletes, into successful and profitable golf professionals, who will earn significant income from competition and endorsement sources.

Through the teaching concepts of “Gravity” Golf, athletically gifted persons can be taught the game so quickly, that by the end of only one year’s training, they can begin competing professionally. Historically, because of the manner in which the game of golf has been learned, such a feat would have been impossible. High level golfers have traditionally developed their skills through an arduous trial and error process, that takes years of hitting golf balls, in order to discover swing techniques that will hold up under the pressure of competition. We now know what those techniques are, and more importantly, how to rapidly feed them into anyone.

“Gravity” Golf is a teaching technique developed by David Lee, a native of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Mr. Lee is a highly recognized instructor/research-scientist, whose methods have been endorsed in writing by Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Chi Chi Rodriguez, and many other high-level professional and amateur players. In addition to his player endorsements, David has been considered by members of the scientific community for a Nobel Prize in both physics and physiology. The teaching concept is not only unique, but scientifically cutting-edge. For a number of years, the buzz slogan of the PGA of America, has been “grow the game.” The breakthroughs in learning provided by “Gravity” Golf training methods, will not only aid in reaching that goal, but help preserve the future of the game. Our intent is to prove these claims.

The modern-day golf swing that we call the “Gravity” swing, was brought into prominence by the appearance of Jack Nicklaus on the world golfing stage. Many of today’s touring pros have copied it, some successfully, others marginally, and many without satisfying results. Most players try to learn this swing through mimicry, but the majority of golfers abuse it to some degree. When done correctly, it appears totally effortless, as it does in players like Freddie Couples, Ernie Els, Anika Sorenstam, and a growing number of younger professionals.

To briefly explain how the teaching system works, is not easily done in a paragraph, or even a book, but we can give the concept a fairly simple overview. The “Gravity” swing, short game, and putting, are all taught by a system of very unique training drills developed by David Lee, through many years of research. The drills put the body into physically threatening training parameters that trigger an awakening in the subconscious parts of the brain that taught us to walk and ride-a-bicycle. Doing this, forces the brain to develop technically perfect golf swing technique in the player, in order to protect his/her own body. Poor mechanics will not yield satisfactory results in the drills – they in fact threaten the body – the brain senses the threat, and instinctively develops a superior motor program to protect its “house.” The subconscious ability to provide quality motor development in activities that are potentially dangerous to our bodies, comes at birth with our “software.” Proper technique in these activities is learned through parts of the brain that can handle complex biomechanical functionality, without any cognitive understanding. Do babies grasp the fact that toddling is a dangerous way to walk? Hardly, yet they have the capacity and the inner sense to stop toddling, and begin walking in a safe and energy-efficient manner. David Lee, through the development of the training drills, has learned to adapt the brain’s capacity for altering potentially dangerous motor programs, to the learning of perfect golf swing mechanics, in every facet of the game. The drills work like an MRI or microscope on the swing, and make the player super-sensitive to the impropriety of internalizing energy, and also sensitive to the “recipe” for applying power perfectly.

David Lee, during his years of swing research, has trained a number of total beginners to entry level professionals inside the period of one year. This has been done with average level athletes, and with very limited funding. The research is now advanced to the point where it is time to put the research to a fair and rigorous test. The world needs to be aware that the “secrets” of the ideal golf swing are now understood, and that learning the game by trial and error is totally unnecessary. The reasons we are putting our credibility to the test through the implementation of such an aggressive program, is because we should, and because we can. Every great change that occurs in this world, must first stand the test-of-fire! This is what we intend to do.

Our primary goal is to increase the world-wide awareness of the science of “Gravity” Golf. The game of golf is at a precipitous time in its more than five-hundred-year history. Because of the development of modern day computers and cell phones, the attention span of children is getting shorter and shorter. Previous generations had the patience to “dig a golf swing out of the dirt.” Today’s children need to get it quickly, or they are frequently prone to lose interest. Golfers desperately need a faster, easier, and better way to develop a dependable and satisfying golf swing, that gets results. Accomplishing that goal has been David Lee’s main objective through more than forty years of swing research. The original goals of that research have now been achieved, and the new task is to demonstrate to the golf world that the answers for which it has long been searching, do indeed exist. Our concept for accomplishing this is as follows, and creates an exciting business opportunity in itself.

To manifest a paradigm shift in the way the world does anything, requires a program that’s dynamic enough to garner worldwide attention. It is our plan to fulfill that mission through the development of a tour training program called TOUR EXPRESS, designed to train PGA/LPGA players from high-quality-athletes just graduating from college. Each year in this country, there are more than one-hundred-thousand athletes, who watch their careers in athletics come to a dead halt, the minute they put a college diploma in their pockets. Only a relative handful go on from college to play professional sports, and many would be available for this unique program for any of the following reasons.

  • They are too small to play in the NFL or the NBA or some other professional sport.
  • They may have a debilitating injury that would preclude them from playing their own sport, but not stop them from playing golf.
  • They may be, especially in the case of women’s athletics, playing a college sport that has no professional counterpart.

Whatever the reason, these individuals are not going on to play their own sport professionally, but would highly relish the opportunity to have a career in professional athletics. We want to turn some of them into professional golfers, and we are looking for the cream of the collegiate athletic crop. Though it normally takes at least five to ten years to train a professional golfer, we can accomplish that feat in the period of only one year. No prior golf experience would be required, or even preferred. Candidates from all over the country would be thoroughly screened for the following qualities.

  • Competitiveness
  • Athleticism
  • Intellect
  • Marketability
  • Record of handling pressure under fire (a winner’s a winner)

Our inspiration and belief in the feasibility of this concept is derived in part by the successful golf careers of two famous female athletes who did not begin as golfers, Babe Didrickson Zaharias and Althea Gibson. They accomplished what we are describing, without the benefit of the science and technology that will support our program and our students.

If we are to succeed in communicating to the world how the game of golf can be learned and performed at a very high level, in a very-short period of time, we will have to demonstrate success at the top of the game. Our intent is to do exactly that! The expectation is to be able to produce 4-6 highly competitive tour players out of each group of 8 students who are admitted into the program annually, and to replicate this achievement each year after success has been unequivocally proven.

Winning at the highest level in our sport requires many things, but two are fundamental. First, is the ability to execute every shot called for by the design and set up of the courses played, as well as dealing with the conditions encountered over 72 holes. Second, is being able to rise to the occasion under pressure, and not just survive, but to thrive relative to other competitors. Both of these traits have been exemplified by the greatest champions in golf, including Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Tiger Woods, Mickey Wright, Annika Sorenstam, Nancy Lopez, Julie Inkster, et al, as well as the current crop of champions such as Lydia Ko, InBee Park, Jordan Spieth, Jason Day and so on.

Learning the game through our unique drills, practice, and playing routines, enables players to execute every type of golf shot, under all conditions of weather and competitive pressure. Unlike most successful professionals who have learned to play at a high level, our players will have an advantage-in-understanding, allowing them to trust the technique of their swings under the heat of tremendous competitive pressure. That, in some part, explains the mental peace with which Jack Nicklaus approached his success in winning or finishing second or third in over 50 major championships, in about a twenty-five-year period – that’s twice per year!

Our players will have the advantage that Nicklaus enjoyed, combined with years of competing at progressively higher levels in sports such as swimming, diving, gymnastics, track and field, baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, etc. They already know what-it-takes-to-win, and how to focus all their energy into becoming champions.

Funding to initiate this program has been secured, and the first class will begin training in the late summer of 2018. The search to identify the initial team of athletes is currently underway. Our plan, is to select eight graduating college athletes each year, and contractually sign them to a five-year program. They will be intensively trained as a group, in all facets of the game, for a period of one year, in a pre-arranged facility, by David Lee and his team. After successfully completing the initial training year, each player will be guaranteed sponsorship for four additional years, during which they will compete on the secondary tours in an attempt to gain PGA or LPGA playing status. At the end of the five-year period, if they have not yet gained playing status on either of the major tours, they may, at the discretion of the sponsor(s), continue to be funded if they are showing great promise, or dropped from the program.

Each class will be equally split with four men and four women. All of the athletes selected for the program will already be world-class competitors in their respective sports, but more than willing to turn their interest toward a career in professional golf.

Their initial training year will be entirely videoed so that proof of how quickly the “Gravity” Golf learning process works, will be a matter of record, and can be shown to the world through a reality type television show or as a documentary, which will also be a great way for rapidly recovering the funding costs of the program, and lessen the risk of investment.

During the initial year, the eight players will share four two-bedroom apartments, practice together each day for 3.5 hours, play golf every afternoon in tournaments against each other, and work out three times weekly, for 5.5 days each week. In addition to having the development of their golf technique personally supervised by David Lee, they will have a mental coach, a physical trainer, and a nutritionist.

As this program begins, we will simultaneously develop a management company on the order of IMG to handle endorsements for the players, scheduling, travel and other business needs. Investors may be able to realize a return as a result of the professional tour earnings of our participant players, and from related player revenue such as endorsements, appearance fees, etc. There is no need to train the world’s most marketable, valuable athletes, and turn them over to another management group. It is our intent that they feel toward us as Arnold Palmer felt toward Mark McCormack, and to rely on us in a similar manner.

David Lee is the developer of the “Gravity Golf” teaching system and will have responsibility for training the athletes. David has been doing swing research since 1975, and is considered by many to be one of the top golf instructors in the world. He was born in 1944, in Little Rock, Arkansas. David was captain of the University of Arkansas golf team in 1963 and 1964. In 1970, he joined the PGA Tour and played for four years before a wrist injury ended his playing career. After leaving the tour, he began doing swing research and started conducting his own “Gravity” Golf schools. From 1996 – 2009, he owned and operated his own teaching facility in Royal, Arkansas. Currently, David teaches year round at Orange County National Golf Club, in Orlando, Florida.

He has been listed as one of the top 100 instructors in the country for many years, and has worked with numerous touring professionals. Lee Trevino was quoted in USA Today speaking of David, “he’s the first guru I’ve ever had, the first one I ever trusted with my swing.” Chi Chi Rodriguez said on camera, “David Lee might be the best teacher that ever lived.” In the mid- nineties, Lee wrote and released his first book entitled Gravity Golf – The Evolution and Revolution of Golf Instruction. He has also produced three videotape/DVD productions on the “Gravity Golf” teaching system, and has recently finished a new book entitled Gravity Golf – The Best That I Can Be.

Jeri Edwards has a resume in bowling’s history that few individuals can match. She has been a champion at every level since high school, through college, to national amateur and professional competitions. As an instructor, she has appeared in numerous videos and books, and conducted countless clinics and seminars around the world. As a women’s and men’s coach, she has helped improve the games of both junior and adult Team USA members, and is currently in her sixth year as coach of Team Puerto Rico. During her tenure, she has coached in international competitions held in over 20 countries. The U.S. Olympic Committee honored her as Bowling Coach of the Year in 2005, and then again for the following two years. As an administrator, she has assisted in managing professional tournaments, and served as the only woman ever on the American Bowling Congress Board of Directors. She’s been a columnist and editor for two national publications and is also a member of four Halls of Fame.

Edwards first met and began working with David Lee in Florida at a “Gravity” Golf school in 1997. An avid golfer, Jeri has utilized David’s “Gravity” Golf drills including his newest revelations. She is hitting it farther and straighter than she ever has.

Jeri’s responsibility to the program will be communicating with her many collegiate contacts and to aid in the identification and selection of candidates for the program. She will also be the activities coordinator and advisor for the athletes during their initial year of training.

Denny Schreiner, a veteran network sports broadcaster for more than a quarter of a century, is also a decorated amateur golfer. The former University of Akron graduate competed in two NCAA Team Championships, and won over 25 individual tournaments including the Firestone Country Club Championship. His resume includes broadcasting stints in the NBA, MLB, NCAA college football and basketball, PBA Tour and MISL. The highlight of his career was becoming the first ever host of live tournament golf on the Golf Channel. This included broadcasting events on the PGA Tour, Senior PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, and Nike Tour from 1995 through the end of 1999. For almost twenty years, Schreiner has worked with David Lee. He’s held countless conversations discussing techniques concerning everything from putting-on-the-arc, to maximizing the efficiency of the full rotary “Gravity” golf swing. As a first-hand witness of David’s journey, Denny has thoroughly enjoyed watching Coach Lee unlock secrets that few people in the 500- year history of golf have ever known. Denny Schreiner is a true “Gravity” Golf disciple.

Denny’s responsibility to the program will be to oversee the film production that will archive the training program, press communications, publicity, and to handle endorsement negotiations for each of the athletes.

Dr. Darcy Dill is a board-certified chiropractor with thirty-two years of experience working with athletes and golfers, and will serve as the company’s Health and Fitness Director. Dr. Dill is a dedicated sports medicine physician and personal trainer and will be a valuable asset to the program in both areas. The athletes will receive a minimum of weekly visits by Dr. Dill to address any physical problems that may have been part of their past, but also aid in the prevention of future injuries that each athlete might have a predilection towards. The Doctor will also initiate programs to enhance the physical and neurological abilities of each individual so that they can perform at their best.

The personal training will consist of two to three days per week of supervised physical exercise sessions in and out of the gym. These sessions will be approximately 1.5 – 2 hours in length and will consist of a series of exercises customized to each individual. They will focus on strength, flexibility, coordination, endurance, and balance, in proportion to each athlete’s needs. Their exercise program will be compatible with the physical demands of the specific “Gravity” Golf swing drills, being done under the guidance of their swing coach, David Lee.

Dr. Dill’s credentials include:

  • Bachelor of Science University of Oregon
  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Master Golf Fitness Instructor
  • “Gravity” Golf Instructor

One of the major challenges with this program will be the identification of the best possible candidates. We are looking for the cream of the graduating athletic crop, that would consider a career in professional golf, if they are not going on to play professionally in their own sport after college. Great athletes have a tremendous advantage in golf, but only if they learn the game correctly. If they begin the game with a muscular “kill” concept, the strength that should be a huge asset, becomes a liability. A non-golfing athlete may not consider him/herself to be a candidate for Tour Express, yet may be perfect for the program without knowing it.

If you know of someone that you feel we should consider, please contact us or make them aware of the program. We may not choose the person you recommend, but they will certainly be given consideration, and we will be grateful for your assistance.

Thank You,

David Lee


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