The Most Fundamental Shot in Golf

In this Gravity Golf lesson, we’ll focus on a crucial technique: achieving a high, soft shot with a seven iron. This shot can teach you a lot about golf mechanics, including how to move your body mass effectively and keep your upper body relaxed.

To start, pick a target about a hundred yards away, even if your seven iron typically covers more ground. This exercise allows you to refine your control and focus on the essentials.

Remember, maintain a full swing for this drill to maximize your sensitivity to timing and improve your ability to be passive through the change of direction.

Now, with a grip adjusted slightly towards your fingers, take your shot. If you feel your arms moving faster than your body, work on synchronizing the two.

Focus on getting your body weight back onto your front side to prevent a collapse in your swing’s arc. This fine-tuning helps you develop a more consistent and controlled shot.

Experiment with different clubs, even going up to a three iron or trying it with a driver from a tee. Each variation refines your feel for the swing.

Don’t be discouraged by misses; they’re valuable feedback. Use them to identify areas for improvement in your body movement and sequencing.

Ultimately, this exercise trains your body to work in harmony, ensuring that your knees, hips, shoulders, and hands move together, even as the speed increases.

By refining your technique in this way, you’ll enhance your ability to maintain control and achieve a high, soft draw in your shots. Keep practicing and enjoy your progress on the course! Thank you for watching.

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