Rick Lutz

I have been working with Daniel through the Gravity Golf Remote Education Program for about 6 months starting back in October 2019. I am very pleased with the program and with the progress I’ve made in my golf swing. It’s really convenient to have my practice laid out everyday for 2 weeks and the variety of drills means it’s never boring. Daniel is really helpful and I feel he’s totally invested in my progress. I am fortunate to have an indoor hitting bay in my garage so all the work, including short game, has been done indoors with the occasional trip to the driving range as weather permitted, but the program would work equally as well outdoors as indoors, as long as you don’t mind strange looks at the range as you work some pretty unusual drills lol.

I was a member of a different internet site for 3 years and worked diligently on the method they teach including 3 golf schools. My swing was as different as night and day from the Gravity Golf method. It was much flatter and more restricted a very positional and technical method and while I saw some positives I wasn’t getting the results I wanted considering the time and money I was investing. The gravity golf method is much freer and less technical, of course there are “positions” that need to be incorporated but they seem to be a byproduct of doing the drills correctly and the method is much more feel oriented. I have found this a refreshing approach and much less stressful mentally.

Since working with the Gravity Golf program I’ve only been able to play 6 games before the courses were shut down due to the Coronavirus but I’m really happy with the changes I’ve seen in my game so far. I’m one club longer then I was last year and my handicap already dropped  almost a whole stroke in just those 6 games. The trajectory of my irons and hybrids is much higher and unlike anything I’ve been able to produce in my over 50 years of playing. I’m not saying I hit it well all the time but the number of solid shots has definitely increased and when you hit it correctly the ball jut seems to rocket off the club face.I can’t wait to see what my game will look like in a few more months. As with anything you only get out of it what you put in but I  have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the Gravity Golf Remote Education Program to anyone who is serious about improving their golf game.


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