John L. Perry

It works for two reasons – (1) The “gravity assisted rotary method” follows the laws of motion perfectly, both according to physics and physiology, and (2) the scientifically based “limiting drills” enable/force your subconscious mind to teach you automatically. It’s nearly too good to be true; I say nearly because you must muster the courage and patience to do the unique drills until they work – and they definitely will work, ten to fifteen times faster than the traditional [connect the dot] methods, when the traditional methods work at all. [Try 12 to 18 months versus 5 to ten years to play par golf – for most reasonably well coordinated students]

The Gravity Golf/Rotary Mass Method is light years ahead of any other system of instruction. It is absolutely amazing.

P.S. The DVD sequel updates some drills for even easier and quicker learning. For example, the “one-footed” drill, difficult for the physically challenged,is replaced by an equally effective “cross-footed” drill


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