Jack Keebler

My experience with David Lee and Gravity Golf has been nothing but positive. GG has been the basis for my biggest leaps forward in consistent play, improved scoring, and more fun playing. He (David) is amazingly insightful and patient–and he has an empathetic ear. No matter what your swing presents to him, he will have seen it before and will have immediate constructive guidance for how to make it better. His system is more stress-free than anything I’ve encountered in working with a variety of different instructors and different methodologies. Toiling obsessively to gain marginal improvement in this game over many years, I’ve made some big mistakes in trying to adopt various swing concepts that did not work for me. Gravity Golf has been the remedy for those mistakes. So, unless you’re into punishing yourself by the bleeding hands approach of working harder and enjoying it less, turning to Gravity Golf is very likely to turn regret into rejoicing over your game.


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