Welcome back to the Gravity Golf Channel. I’m your host, Daniel Lee. Today, we’re outside Hanover, Germany, joined by Silas Wagner, the resident pro here. Silas has been gracious enough to let us film some shots and share his insights.

Silas explained how he had always found it complicated to hit the ball with his right hand, often struggling to achieve the right balance and trajectory. Yet, with the distinctive Gravity Golf approach featuring a swing centered around the body’s midline and an emphasis on maintaining a proper relationship between the upper and lower body, Silas experienced a game-changing transformation. Allowing the club to drop naturally from the top of the backswing, coupled with a feeling of clearing his mass, Silas found that hitting the ball became not just easy but, in his words, “unbelievably easy.”

Key Takeaways for Your Game

Inspired by Silas’s Gravity Golf journey, you might be wondering how you can incorporate these techniques into your own game. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. One-Handed Drills: Experiment with one-handed up-route drills, starting with shorter distances, to develop a feel for the swing and gradually build up to longer shots.
  2. Midline Focus: Concentrate on keeping your elbows equally bent and your hands and club in the middle of your shoulders, so they are centered around your body’s midline, allowing for a more natural and efficient motion. One of the key factors for allowing the upper body to stay soft is the feeling that your lower body is turning an equal amount to your upper body, never letting one gain on the other.
  3. Body Mass at Impact: Feeling that the position of your front leg is in a place that will be easy to turn around, in the same manner as if you’re going to continue walking through your swing.
  4. Bottom of the Arc: Work on getting your weight into the right position that will move the bottom of your swing arc into a place that will easily allow you to catch the ball on the upswing to brush the grass and avoid taking “unnecessary divots”.
  5. Stay Relaxed: Practice cultivating a sense of relaxation in your swing. The more fluid and relaxed your movements, the more effortless your shots will become.

In conclusion, the One-Handed Up-Route drills offer a fresh perspective on the golf swing, emphasizing the natural flow of the body for more consistent and enjoyable play. Take inspiration from Silas’s journey, your golf game may never be the same again.

Happy swinging!

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