Ever wondered why Tiger Woods, during his peak, never seemed to take divots on the fairway? In our recent video, we dive into the secrets behind Tiger’s unique divot pattern and how it can revolutionize your golf game in 2024.

As Tiger’s body has deteriorated, he has been forced to find a more efficient way to move. Throughout his career, he has stated that the swing that has hurt his body the least and feels the best is when he does not take divots and can clip the ball off the turf. Tiger’s method involves having the bottom of the swing arc slightly behind the ball, catching it on the upswing.

What’s fascinating is the insight into creating more room to move. Most players set up with their weight right next to the ball, limiting their ability to shift their weight and leading to that frustrating push to the right. In a practical demonstration, the video illustrates how soft arms and a neutral pattern contribute to a successful swing.

Give yourself a feedback loop by analyzing your divots, and you will get a better understanding of what a brush off the turf is, rather than a deep divot. The goal is to provide yourself with ample room to move into the shot, developing an awareness of where you are in space and the freedom in your weight shift onto the lead foot.

So, dear reader, as you step onto the course in 2024, take a cue from Tiger and embrace the concept of hitting up on the ball. Your divots will be shallower and your shots more accurate. Until next time!


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