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Approved by the Legends...

“David Lee would be the only guy I trust to work on my swing. The only reason I played as well here is because of him”

Lee Trevino

“It seems to me that you have come up with a new approach to teaching that is extremely valid. It certainly has revealed things to me about my own swing that I had not previously been aware of, and that, I am sure, will help me personally with my game.”

– Jack Nicklaus

“We have worked together on my golf game for many years. His insight on the maechanics of the golf swing are, in my opinion, second to none. David Lee might be the greatest golf instructor that ever lived.”

– Chi Chi Rodriguez

The Results Speak For Themselves...

Gravity Golf
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Steve FrantlSteve Frantl
04:01 14 Feb 24
What an amazing three days at Gravity Golf School! I gained more insights into the game of golf during this short period than in any of the dozen golf schools I've attended in the last several years. The standout feature of this system is the ability to practice these skills independently.Danny Lee is not only an incredible coach but also a fantastic individual who exhibits great patience with every student. He addresses all our questions and resolves issues promptly and professionally. His dedication is evident as he dedicates a substantial amount of one-on-one time to each student, offering personalized attention and valuable guidance. His ability to pinpoint and rectify mistakes almost immediately during these individual sessions is truly commendable.My overall experience was nothing short of fantastic, and I highly recommend taking this three-day class, whether you're a beginner or someone who has been golfing for over 30 years and is still grappling with how to hit a golf ball tension free. I was absolutely amazed, and I believe you will be too.
Hunter GillHunter Gill
14:36 22 Nov 23
I spent many hours doing research for the right place to learn more about my golf game and improve. I couldn’t be more happy then I am with my choice of Gravity Golf! Jim Edgin is an amazing coach… my entire game has changed for the better and it will only get better from here! My back no longer hurts me after an even a whole day of swinging on the range! I wholeheartedly suggest this school for ANYONE who wants to truly improve their golf game! Thank you Gravity Golf!
Larry FlinnLarry Flinn
01:17 09 Nov 23
Daniel has successfully taught me to have a great training routine. I can practice anywhere. I no longer have to be on the course to practice. He is not only a great coach, but a great friend.
Jeff MyersJeff Myers
13:54 03 Nov 23
I just completed a 3-day Gravity Golf school. This was my second school I have attend. It was one of the best instructor experiences I have experienced. I'm a true believer in the program as one of the best methods for most golfers. Jim the instructor did a fantastic job of handling the accommodations of the course and practice area. He was patient with our progression and offered helpful insight to drills etc. By the end of the program I was much more confident in myself and my swing. The ultimate measuring stick is the results. I was much more consistent with my ball striking and my distance increased with my irons and woods. I would highly recommend attending one of their schools. I have dabbled in many different swing methods with little to no improvement. This one makes a true difference...Gravity Golf you need to fall for it!
Marc BrandstadterMarc Brandstadter
01:33 22 May 23
We did a 4-hour session with Daniel Lee today at Citrus National Golf Course (formerly Southern Woods). His style was very laid-back and unpretentious, and he had the patience of a saint. The Gravity Golf method of hitting the ball was presented logically and accompanied with some interesting drills. As a lifelong single digit handicapper with a bad back, whose hcp has been unfortunately growing as I am now in my 70’s, I was interested in a swing change that was effective and repeatable but was pain free. Daniel delivered on all counts. I strongly recommend the Gravity Golf method as a “swing for a lifetime” and Daniel as a very effective and personable instructor.
Dower DrummondDower Drummond
01:19 22 May 23
What a fantastic day . Drills , more Drills , to understand gravity , but most importantly , less tension on body , arms, grips , overall posture , is so much better for golf .I know I will enjoy Golf more after one day . Imagine a 3 day class ?Daniel , is a great human being inside and out . Carry on Dan ( The Gravity legacy .. ) you have it and many thanks for sharing this golf experience.
Michael KingMichael King
19:13 05 Jun 19
My wife and I had the best golf experience we have ever had this weekend in Altus, AK. Two days getting expert instructions from Gravity Golf instructor Jim Edgin at his custom built range in Altus, AK. . No BS, I added 30yrds to my drives with little effort. Just ask my golfing buddies who were wondering who took over my body when I played two days after working with Jim. Great guy too!

Proven by Scientists, There is an Easier Way to Hit a Golf Ball With MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY and NO PAIN...

… that has been vetted by the top experts in the fields of physics and physiology to prove a better way of learning new motor skills at any age.

Stop Using Outdated Instruction...

People have learned golf from a Static Position and a Static Mindset…

You have probably Already Been Told to… 

Hit Down On The Ball… Straighten Your Left Arm… Keep Your Head Down…

Stick Your Butt Out… Hold Your Lower Body Still… Hit Dollar Bill Sized Divots…

Hold The Hinge… Think Positional and Over Analytically…

Or The Worst…

Match Your Swing To A Tour Pro!!!

The FUNDAMENTALS Have Been Taught WRONG...

The issues with golf instruction and the medical industry are the same…


No More Quick Fix Solutions or Pills that promise the CURE,

that have worse side effects than your original problems…

Is Conventional Instruction Causing You Pain?

Are you sore after practice?

Do you suffer from back pain, hip pain or tendonitis?

Have you experienced shoulder injuries?

Are you losing distance as you get older?

Here’s the Prescribed Method by Doctors… Surgeons… Physiologist… Physicist… Occupational Therapists… and Health Professionals all around the world…


This Is What The Health Professionals Have To Say...

It's Time To TRY A NEW WAY!!!

This Method Will Teach You How To…

– Maximize Leverage going out of your body

– Minimize Tension and how to Swing Easy

– Harness the natural forces of Gravity and Motion

– Learn Subconsciously through Drills

– Adapt a Simple Focus

– Play through feel


The best way to teach your body and mind is through drills that create awareness of what is working for or against you

Become a product of your environment through the subtle nature of adapting drills to your skill level and learning simple techniques for releasing tension to maximize your level of efficiency…

It’s time to become a FEEL PLAYER.

Ancient Knowledge Has Been Rediscovered...

Learn how to apply what has been known for thousands of years outside of golf…

Train natural motion that has been masted by Thai Chi Experts and Martial Artist. Monks have known how to harness the natural forces of motion

NEVER until now has this been utilized in the golf swing. This is about mastering a technique that will give you an edge over everyone, regardless of age

Our drills are designed to work you to the edge of your individual balance, creating a FASTER and more effective learning environment.

"Deep practice is built on a paradox: Struggling in certain targeted ways - operating at the edges of your ability, where you make mistakes - makes you smarter."
The Talent Code
Daniel Coyle

There Is An Easy Way To Learn Your Ideal Body Friendly Swing. In Only One Practice Session, You Will Be Able To Feel The Freedom...

Learn a new set of fundamentals that eliminate decades of horrible compensations that cause you pain…

In this course you will learn a Tension Free Grip, a Posture That’s Easy On The Back, Knees and Shoulders…

An Alignment That Makes Sense and the Basics On Course Strategy to Avoid Mindless Bogies…

Use Gravity and you will become a force to be reconned with.

This Method Will Teach You a Body Friendly Golf Swing, However It Also Comes With Many Additional Benefits...


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More Enjoyment​

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Faster Club Head Speed & More Power​

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More Control Over Your Angle of Attack​

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A Consistent Shot Shape

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A Maximum Reward for your Time & Energy

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Higher Smash Factor


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Back Pain, Knee Pain, Hip Pain and Tendonitis

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Snap Hooks

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Fat Shots

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The Yips, Chilly Dips and Skulled Shots

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The Dreaded Slice & Coming Over the Top

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Early Extension

Frequently Asked Questions - (FAQ)

  • Beginners: Those who are new to golf and want to develop a solid foundation in the fundamentals using a scientifically-backed approach, leading to an accelerated pace of improvement.
  • Juniors: Young golfers looking to build a strong, effective swing from the start, promoting long-term skill development and injury prevention.
  • Intermediate Golfers: Players who have some experience and are looking to improve their technique and consistency.
  • Advanced Golfers: Experienced golfers seeking to refine their skills, increase their power and accuracy, and gain a deeper understanding of the mechanics behind their swing.
  • Professionals: Competitive golfers aiming to enhance their performance with advanced techniques and insights.
  • Seniors: Older golfers who want to improve or maintain their performance while reducing the risk of injury.
  • Injured or Recovering Golfers: Individuals who need a more body-friendly approach to golf to prevent or recover from injuries.
  • Adaptive Golfers: Golfers with disabilities or special needs who seek an easier way to harness natural power and leverage their abilities through the most effective method to improve their game.
  • Golf Instructors: Professionals who want to incorporate Gravity Golf techniques into their teaching to offer their students a unique and effective method.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts: People interested in the physical and biomechanical aspects of golf, looking to combine their love for physical awarness with maximizing their athletic abilites.
  • Golfers Interested in Biomechanics: Those curious about the scientific principles behind an efficient and powerful golf swing.

The Gravity Golf method emphasizes effortless power, dynamic balance, and injury prevention, making it suitable for anyone looking to enhance their golf game while minimizing physical strain.

Being able to make changes in your golf swing can happen rapidly when you get the right combination of drill and shot selection. It is important to utilize the drills that challenge you enough to make it difficult, yet easy enough to build on your success. If you have more detailed questions about your circumstances, please contact us at or join the Gravity Golf Academy WhatsApp group for feedback.

When building your distance, there are some key factors that will directly affect your potential power.

1. The height of your arc – If your arc has been low, with your elbow stuck to your side in the backswing, there is much greater potential for creating more power with a bigger arc size. Good routing with the arms allows for power and control.

2. Improved Alignment – Most people have a habit of setting themselves up in a position at the beginning of the swing, that will never let them comfortably turn all the way through impact without feeling restricted. If you have been doing this, some subtle changes in your setup can make a big difference in the number of active foot-pounds (kinetic energy) moving through the ball at the point of impact, giving you a great deal more distance and efficiency.

3. Proper Timing – The vast majority of golfers learn to bring their arms up in the backswing with their weight on the back foot and then start the downswing from there. When learning the sequence behind the Gravity Golf swing, there is a very big difference to the timing of the weight shift, by learning to complete your transfer of weight back into the front foot at the finish of the backswing. This type of weight transfer (which we call the Counter-fall) enables a balanced downswing and creates an inside attack path on the ball that naturally balances the forces on the body. A player utilizing this technique has a great ability to use their natural core strength to increase their club head speed without throwing themselves “over the top” and out of balance.

 You can start improving from wherever you are with your current swing. The drills in the Gravity Golf Challenge are designed so that you will subconsciously correct your swing faults without actively thinking about what you want to change. Your subconscious will automatically make the necessary changes so that you train your feelings. Practicing in these different drill modes will help naturally improve your normal golf swing. See what Lee Trevino has to say about it: “I’m not going to get into all the stuff, but David Lee works with me like a leaky roof. In other words, if something is wrong, he’s not going to tear the house down simply because I’ve got a couple of shingles out of the way. There are a lot of teachers around, but this guy knows my swing better than any other because he teaches like I swing the club.

Everyone has different goals and resources to help them focus. When you are practicing, whether it be a top-end country club or in your living room hitting wiffle balls, the most important thing is that you are working out of a mode that will give you the most amount of feedback. Working with the Gravity Golf Community of instructors and other students, you will easily discover how to get the most out of the time and space that you have to practice.

It has to do with Myelin and Proprioception. Myelin is what lets your muscles communicate with your brain and nervous system, and is the more technical term for what is commonly known as “muscle memory.” A trained professional will have 30x – 40x times the amount of myelin sheathing around their nervous system than a beginning amateur. This is the difference between a Natural Feel vs. Unnatural. We all use this in our everyday life, to drive a car, tie our shoes, or walk to the mailbox. We all unknowingly became experts in utilizing this natural gift by learning to first walk as a child. By losing our balance and creating motivation to more easily get us from one place to another, the learning became instinctual. The cutting-edge way we train maximizes the speed at which you develop neurofeedback and is scientifically proven to create more myelin faster. We do this by utilizing drills that challenge your proprioception (your body’s ability to feel where your parts are in space) and creating proprietary techniques that create a natural learning environment, where you can turn off your conscious mind and get into a flow state of learning.


Our Founder David Lee...

David Lee is a former PGA Tour Professional who spent over 40 years researching and perfecting golf methodology. He is the creator of Gravity Golf, a training system that has earned him accolades from PGA pros, scientists, students, and national golf publications. Career highlights include:

  • Listed 12 times as a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher
  • Featured in publications by ESPN, Golf Digest, GOLF Magazine, Golfweek
  • Author of Gravity Golf: The Evolution and Revolution of Golf Instruction (Over 100,000 copies sold)
  • Worked with over 30 major tournament winners
  • Four years playing on the PGA Tour
  • Featured speaker at three neuroscience conventions
  • Gravity Golf Infomercial ran for 5 years
  • Teaching Golf Schools for 40 years
  • Captain of U of A Golf Team
  • High School – Athelete of the Year

A Legend Will Be Missed...

A loving note from our founder…

… Gravity Golf has been my passion for the last 45 years and watching the information take form and make sense, has been like watching a child grow and develop from the awkwardness of adolescence to the graceful beauty of a fully trained and functioning professional athlete.  
I want to thank everyone that has been part of my life with an enduring sense of gratitude to have shared so many moments that stopped time in its tracks and revealed the spectacular sensations that come not only from perfectly hit golf shots, but most importantly, the moments that connect us all through the love of what we do. Let go of tension wherever you can, and feel the freedom that comes from giving up on doubt. This is your time now to take the torch and feed your lives with kindness, on and off the golf course. I love you all and will be with you every shot!

The Future Of Gravity Golf

In the wake of our founder David Lee’s passing, the future of Gravity Golf stands as a testament to his enduring legacy. While we mourn the loss of a visionary leader, we are committed to carrying forward his passion for the game and the principles of Gravity Golf that he so ardently championed…

Daniel Lee, the son of David Lee, also known as the “Drill Maestro” is the master in the demonstration of the Gravity Golf drills. As a seasoned golf instructor and world traveler, Daniel brings a unique perspective and expertise to our team. His journey through growing up around the world of golf instruction has allowed him to see the transformation from how golf has been taught traditionally, to a new age of integrating a holistic approach that develops anyone to their highest level of awareness and efficient athleticism.     

Joining him in preserving David’s legacy is Levin Hoffmann, an esteemed teaching instructor and business partner based in Germany. Levin stands out not only for his dedication to the Gravity Golf philosophy but also for his prowess on the golf course. With an impressive career low round of 67 as a right-handed player and 68 as a left-handed player, Levin’s versatility mirrors the adaptability inherent in the Gravity Golf approach. Levin brings a unique blend of academic achievement and golf expertise to our team. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics/Physics and an MBA, he complements our team not only as a skilled golf instructor but also as a strategic business partner.  Having dedicated over 13 years to working with David Lee and the Gravity Golf School, Levin possesses a profound understanding of the Gravity Golf system. His insights span both the physical aspects of the game and the subtle dynamics of being a player himself…

The addition of John Edgin as a 3rd managing partner and Gravity Golf’s official Network Liaison is a perfect fit for helping create new opportunities for Gravity Golf Instructors and students alike. His Journey with Gravity Golf first started at the age of 8, when he became one of David Lee’s students. His father Jim Edgin also serves as the Lead Instructor in Florida, providing valuable experience and leadership. John is now a full-time playing professional, traveling around the globe following his dream of competing at the highest levels of competition. Be sure to keep an eye out for when he is at a tour event near you. John embodies the true essence of a Gravity Player, with an awe-inspiring effortless golf swing, it is a work of art…

Together, this dedicated team forms a stronghold of knowledge and passion, poised to propel Gravity Golf into the future. The continuing drive of this movement can only thrive, because of the dedication and enthusiasm of our incredible growing team of Certified Gravity Golf Instructors, sharing this wonderful knowledge with their students around the world. As a young and innovative team, we carry forward the principles of Gravity Golf with the utmost enthusiasm. Our collective passion for the golf swing and the transformative journey towards helping people to become a Gravity Player remains unwavering. We are driven by the desire to bring back the joy to people’s golf games, guiding them on a new and exciting journey to develop the swing of a lifetime…

In this pivotal moment, we reaffirm our commitment to the principles that David Lee held dear. The spirit of Gravity Golf lives on through our shared dedication, and we are determined to honor David’s memory by continuing to inspire golf enthusiasts and players alike. As we embark on this journey, we invite you to join us in celebrating the legacy of David Lee and the bright future that awaits Gravity Golf.