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Reading Putting Greens Like A Professional

Let’s talk about reading putting greens like a professional…Every individual that has ever picked up a putter with the realization that this 15 footer was for BIRDIE and the $15 Nassau is on the line, knows how crucial it is to have the right read on a putting green. That being said if you can’t learn first how to properly power your putting stroke it won’t do you a whole lot of good.

Some of the most perceptive people I have met at reading greens, have been on the maintenance crew. They can tell by the color of the grass which direction the grain is moving and how it was mowed. One of the first rules to learning how to read a green is in the details. Being able to read the grain of the grass, looking at the landscape to tell the high and low side of the green are subtle things. It is critical that you are able to feel the speed over the contour which your putting, and this will be what makes or breaks your green reading ability.


What side of the hole has a rough edge?

Answer: “The grain is going to pull it in that direction.”

Where do I want to miss this?

Answer: “On The Pro Side” Always plan on putting to the high side, this will up your chances of have the ball fall in towards the hole.

Can you feel the green through your feet?

Answer: “Trevino used to say he could always feel the green through his feet. What this means is that you want to try to sense which direction the green is trying to push your body and settle into it.”


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