Putting with the Proper Amount of Trap in the Blade

Welcome back to the Gravity Golf! I’m Daniel Lee, and today, we’re diving into an essential aspect of putting: using the proper amount of trap in the blade. This technique can significantly enhance your putting accuracy and consistency, and it all starts with understanding the right setup and motion.

Setting Up Wide and Aiming Left

First things first, let’s talk about setting up your putt. When you set up nice and wide, it provides a stable base and allows for a smoother stroke. Aim out to the left of your target to account for any break in the green. This setup helps you find the right pace and maintain control throughout your putt.

Finding the Right Pace

Once you’ve set up, focus on finding the right pace. This is crucial for allowing your body to stay on the inside track of your swing. When you maintain this path, you avoid the common mistake of letting the hill or slope of the green pull you off balance. The goal is to keep your putt on the pro side, meaning it stays closer to the high side of the hole.

The Importance of a Hanging Lie

A hanging lie can be advantageous when learning to putt properly. It helps you keep your body working from an inside attack path, allowing your hands to remain soft and your stroke smooth. When you accelerate through your putt, moving your body enough on the inside track prevents the hill from offsetting your alignment.

Putting on an Arc

Most golfers naturally putt on an arc, given their stance on one side of the ball. Whether you realize it or not, your putting stroke likely follows a curved path. Embracing this arc and making it more efficient can drastically improve your putting. The key is to minimize hand movement and let your body and shoulders guide the putter.

Soft Hands and Steady Body

Soft hands are essential for a controlled putting stroke. When your hands are too active, they can disrupt the smooth motion needed for an accurate putt. Keeping your hands relaxed and allowing your body to turn through the impact ensures the putt stays trapped in the blade. This technique prevents the ball from jumping off line and helps maintain a steady roll.

Practice Drills for Improvement

To practice this technique, set up a 10-foot putt and aim wide to the left. Focus on accelerating through the ball while keeping your body on the inside track. If you struggle with hand dominance, try putting with your non-dominant hand to enhance the feeling of a smooth stroke.

Incorporating drill modes into your practice sessions can significantly enhance your feel and consistency. Be open to experimenting with different setups and techniques to find what works best for you.


Mastering the proper amount of trap in the blade can elevate your putting game to new heights. By setting up wide, aiming left, and maintaining soft hands, you can achieve a smoother, more controlled putting stroke. Remember to embrace the natural arc of your putt and keep your body steady through the impact.

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Stay tuned for more tips and techniques to help you become a better golfer. Until next time, keep practicing with purpose and enjoy the journey.

Happy putting,

Daniel Lee
Gravity Golf


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