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“Although there are many ways to putt a golf ball, the Laws of Motion tell you there is an ideal technique” – David Lee

It’s quite true, there are many different methods that can be used to knock a putt in the hole. However, if you wish to have the most reliable stroke possible, it’s important to be as compliant with the Laws of Motion as possible.

Most tour players that had the opportunity to see him, agree that Bobby Locke was the greatest putter ever.

Bobby putted on an arc, like Tiger Woods did up until 2014, and we all know how many great putts he has made with that kind of stroke. When a person putts back and forth on the flight line, only the mass of the shoulders arms and putter goes against the ball. When a player putts on the arc, the weight of the entire body core beneath the head goes against the ball and decreases the energy requirement to cover the distance of the putt. The more energy used to reach the hole, the harder it is to control distance and accuracy. Although the physics and physiological differences are very subtle, energy does not internalize in a proper rotary stroke, as it does in a down-the-line technique. Consequently, it is more accurate and reliable.

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