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3 Day Golf Schools

Feel The Freedom For a Lifetime

Pricing: A premiere Three-Day “Gravity” Golf School is $2200.

*Book and secure your place with a $750 deposit. The balance of the tuition is due prior to the first day of the school.

These classes are the most comprehensive way to technically and physiologically improve your golf swing in order to ensure that you are practicing in the most advantageous manner. You will experience a blend of time on the practice tee, short game areas, and on course instruction tailored to your specific needs.

Three-Day “Gravity” Golf Schools are designed to enhance your sensitivity and awareness to fundamental concepts of movements you have been using since birth. Learning to apply these simple concepts of gravity into your swing, will pay great dividends not only throughout your entire golf game, but on your body as well. 

Our Schools run from 8:30 AM to 5 PM, with a one hour lunch break in-between. That includes 24 hours of instruction, facility usage & golf balls, as well as lunch each day. The Golf Schools have a 4 to 1 student to teacher ratio ensuring that everyone receives an ample amount of one on one attention.

We encourage our students to stay in touch after the school and keep us up to date on their continual practice regiments.  This allows us to stair step your goals in order for us to provide support in the further development of your game. Stick with us and we’ll stick with you!

2 Day Short Game Schools

Conquering The Yips & Masting Your Chips

2 Day Short Game Schools

Pricing: 2 Day Short Game Schools Taught by David Lee are $1200

(Currently Only Available in Boca Raton, FL)

If you have trouble blading or “chilly dipping” chips and pitch shots, or with “yipping” putts, we can show you how to easily fix the problem. Your short game can move to a level you’ve never dreamed possible if you know how to practice properly,” says Lee.

1/2 Power & Driving Workshop

Improve Distance, Power & Efficiency

Power & Driving Workshop

Pricing: A half-day Power & Driving Workshop is $500.

Power & Driving Workshops are one half-day, from 8:30 am until 12:30 pm or 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm. We only take 4 students to make sure that there is ample 1-on-1 time for each player in the group. Working through a specially designed driver drill and progressive routine, this workshop provides each student with the “Gravity” Golf fundamentals of moving the ball with mass instead of muscle, and how to direct it. We treat you to lunch on the day of the workshop, allowing for some personal time with your instructor.

1-On-1 Lessons & Player Development Programs

Work Weekly With Your Local Gravity Golf Instructor

Player Development Program

At The Gravity Golf Academy in Orlando Everyone Learns How To Hit A Draw

Pricing: 1-on-1 Hourly Lessons – $150hr | Junior Rate $120

1 Month  | $508 ($127hr) | Junior Rate – $408 ($102hr)

3 Months | $1,440 ($120hr) | Junior Rate – $1152 ($96hr)

6 Months | $2,520 ($105hr) | Junior Rate $2016 ($84hr)

The player development program is designed to help you reach long-term goals with your golf game by setting a schedule of weekly in person lessons and practice routines.

Remote Education Program

Work With A Gravity Golf Instructor From Anywhere

Remote Education Program

This program is for students interested in creating awareness and structure around a time managed plan to develop their goals and quantify their success. The Remote Education Program is tailored to each students personal intention, alongside the professional instruction of a certified Gravity Golf trainer. You will meet on the phone either weekly or bi-weekly to review practice sessions, course statistics and progress. By using video and a specialized Gravity Golf Player Management System, you and your trainer will be able to keep track of your step by step development.

Bi-Weekly Remote Lesson 

Monthly – $150

Weekly Remote Lesson

Monthly – $300

The Gravity Golf Challenge

Take The 48 Lesson Challenge That Will Improve Everything About Your Game

The Gravity Golf Challenge

Pricing: Lessons 1-8 ($124.95) – Lessons 9-24 ($249.95) – Lesson 25-48 ($374.95) or All Access Pass ($499.95)

The Gravity Golf Challenge is a fully comprehensive course that will teach you step by how to become a Gravity Golf player!

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