Left Hand Cross Foot Up Route Drill - Gravity Golf
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“When your drills are practiced in a progressively difficult fashion, it will help you to understand the process of taking your swing to the highest technical level.” – Daniel Lee

The left-handed version of the cross-footed drill starts with the club in an upright attitude and the left hand in front of your breastbone. The hand should be about a foot from your chest at the start, with the club held vertically. Push the club straight up until the left hand is about even with the top of your head, turn the core of your body back, lean quietly backwards into the counter-fall, then simply drop the arm and

allow the rotation of the body to sling the arm and club through impact to the finish of the swing. It is imperative that you do not pull the club down with the triceps when doing left-handed shots. Because most right-handed people (and opposite for lefties) don’t do many things with their non dominant left arm, you may feel uncoordinated at first, but you’ll quickly figure out that its job in the swing is simply to serve as a “rider,” not a puller.

If you’re still feeling challenged after a period of practice, you can also begin to try these on uphill or downhill slopes which will make you even more aware of how your body should move and where your club-path should be.

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