Why Hit Down On The Ball?

Today, we’re going to discuss a fundamental aspect of the golf swing – ball compression, which is often misunderstood. Many golfers believe that ball compression is achieved by hitting down on the ball. In reality, ball compression is about maximizing the amount of energy going into the ball without it going back into the body. The more the ball compresses, the further it will go at the speed at which it is hit.

The key factor in achieving ball compression is the mass (kinetic energy) moving through the ball and the speed of the club – this is known as the smash factor. The more mass you have at the point of contact, the greater the velocity created. Another essential aspect of ball compression is ensuring that your body creates a path that allows for the optimal spin for the shot. This also determines the height of your ball. To achieve ball compression, rather than focusing on hitting down, you should aim to have your mass moving through the ball. Position your center of mass slightly behind the ball to catch it on the upswing, creating a path that brushes the grass, making it easier to follow through with the shot.

Remember to enjoy your time on the course. In golf, many terms and techniques are thrown around, but simplifying your approach and moving in the desired direction will make the game more manageable and enjoyable.

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