Ground Force “Gravity Style”

In this video, relearn what you might think you know about “ground force” and gain insight about how power is something that you already have when you learn to create space for it. Perspective is the most powerful tool we possess as human beings, let’s harness that for a more enjoyable golf game at the very least. Get ready to discover:

  • Strategic Mass Placement: Learn how to position your mass precisely for dynamic alignment, ensuring your weight is able to easily pivot off your front axis at impact.
  • Crucial Dynamic Alignment: Dive into the relationship between your center of gravity, weight distribution, and alignment. See how these factors influence your swing path and overall shot pattern.
  • Effortless Power: Discover the art of generating power while preserving your body. Some swing techniques can put unnecessary strain on your hips and back; you’ll find out how to avoid this.
  • Embrace the Flow State: Explore the concept of achieving a natural flow state in your golf swing, drawing inspiration from practices like martial arts, Tai Chi, and yoga.
  • Stay Neutral: Understand the significance of maintaining a neutral state and working off of your mid-line, where your knees, hips, and shoulders work in harmony to create a balanced and effective swing.

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