Favorite Musical Golf Stories From David Lee

Nostalgic Echoes: A Journey Through Gravity Golf and Life’s Harmonies

In the symphony of my life, golf has always played a central role. It has been more than a game; it’s been a journey, a passion, a way of life. Through this incredible journey, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some extraordinary individuals. As I reflect on these experiences, I realize the profound impact these relationships have had on my life, especially within the realm of Gravity Golf.

One of the most cherished memories I hold dear is my friendship with the legendary Jimmy Rogers. Known for hits like “Honeycomb,” “Kisses Sweeter than Wine,” and “Oh-Oh, I’m Falling in Love Again,” Jimmy wasn’t just a great singer but a dear friend. Our paths first crossed in 1965 at the Knollwood Golf Club in Granada Hills, where I was an assistant pro. Jimmy and I quickly became close acquaintances, sharing many an evening together at the club, often accompanied by the actor Jim Davis, who played Jock Ewing on “Dallas.”

Jimmy, with his 23 gold records and five gold albums, would often entertain us in the back room of the club, strumming his guitar until the early hours of the morning. I had the unique pleasure of hearing many of his songs before they ever became hits. One memorable song, “It’s Over,” hadn’t been recorded when we first heard it, yet it eventually became one of his biggest hits.

After my move back to Arkansas, where we built our Gravity Golf teaching facility, Jimmy relocated to Branson, Missouri, to start his own show. Our bond rekindled as he would drive down from Branson in his pickup truck to Hot Springs, staying in our clubhouse. Jimmy, ever the country kid at heart, didn’t need anything fancy. He spent countless hours on the practice tee, hitting thousands of golf balls and singing, blending his musical talents with the rhythm of the golf swing.

Jimmy’s talents weren’t confined to music; he also wrote scores for Disney and created entire shows that, although not yet published, will undoubtedly be cherished by future generations. His visits to Hot Springs were filled with laughter and camaraderie, often highlighted by his playful antics. On one occasion, while shopping for groceries, Jimmy would pretend we were a couple, asking me in a flamboyant manner how to pick the freshest tomatoes or cantaloupes, always getting a laugh from those around us.

One night stands out in particular. We took my boat to the pristine Lake Ouachita, camping on an isolated island. As we sat by the campfire under the starry sky, I turned on the radio. To our amazement, the first song that played was one of Jimmy’s hits. It was a moment of pure serendipity, the kind that defies explanation, making you believe in a higher power at work.

Moments like these are what make life truly extraordinary. They remind us of the magic woven into our everyday experiences, the inexplicable connections that shape our journey. As I look back on my life and the incredible people I’ve met through Gravity Golf, I am filled with gratitude. These relationships, these memories, are the true treasures of my life.

In the world of Gravity Golf, it’s not just about the swing or the score; it’s about the connections we make and the stories we share. Each of you, my associates and friends, have played a part in this journey. Together, we’ve created a symphony of memories that will echo through the years.

As we continue to explore the art of the golf swing, let us also cherish the harmonious moments that life offers us, knowing that each swing, each note, and each shared experience contributes to the beautiful melody of our lives.


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