Dynamic Golf Swing Alignment For A Pain Free Powerful Golf Swing
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One of the most confusing things in the sport of golf, is the understanding of alignment.

Anytime you see someone, even a PGA Tour professional, lay a club or rod on the ground to check their golf swing alignment, you know immediately that the player is confused. First of all, alignment is a function of grip. If the clubface is open within the grip, alignment is to the right; if it is closed within the grip, alignment is to the left. Secondly, alignment is a function of the ball’s relativity to the leg (center of mass) we are swinging around.

If the ball is too far forward in the stance or your weight farther back in your feet, alignment is to the left; if it is too far back in the stance or weight farther forward, alignment is to the right. Thirdly, and most importantly, alignment is a function of body sequencing/timing – just like when throwing a ball to a target. This is where it gets confusing because – without proper sequencing, we can change our alignment as much as thirty degrees or more on the downswing by applying power incorrectly, without ever moving the position of our feet. Where you mass is at impact has a direct relation to the direction your golf ball will start.

Do the “Gravity” golf Cross-Footed Drills to learn proper sequencing and ball position. Your issues with golf swing alignment will become a thing of the past, we guarantee.

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