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Doing a 100-ball driver drill four times weekly will bring almost anyone to professional level distance within ninety days. – David Lee

Since I began playing golf many years ago, it has always been apparent to me that the driver is the most important club in the bag because long, straight tee shots, make the rest of the game far easier. Even though we hit more shots with the putter than any other club, and regardless of how well you putt, if you don’t get to the green in regulation most of the time, the putter cannot consistently save your scores.

In fact, the reality is that the more pressure you take off your putter by hitting great drives, the better you will putt. Of all the “Gravity” Golf drills, one of the most effective for becoming a great driver of the golf ball is the “Cardiovascular Driver Drill.” It creates great power, control, efficiency, and consistency in your tee shots. Doing this drill four times per week will take most any healthy adult individual to professional level distance within ninety days.

Find yourself a partner and help each other set up this drill. Like most exercising, it’s more fun with someone else and you can drive each other to keep doing it. It’s not only fabulous for becoming a great driver of the golf ball, it gives you a wonderful twelve minute cardio workout as well. Study this drill in the video and your tee game will soon become the envy of your golfing buddies.

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