David Lee’s Final Message

From David Lee ~

I’d like you to know that I don’t consider you merely my students. Over the years, as we’ve journeyed through the realms of golf together, you’ve become my associates, my companions, and my friends. Through countless rounds and shared experiences, you’ve enriched my life in ways words can hardly capture.

Each of you, through your unique journeys, has come to mean a great deal to me. Our bond transcends the traditional teacher-student relationship; it’s a partnership rooted in mutual growth and understanding. You inspire me to keep pushing the boundaries of what we know about this game, much like Jack Nicklaus did when he endorsed the Gravity Golf system. Similar encouragement came from legends like Lee Trevino and Chi-Chi Rodriguez, whose friendship and kind words have been invaluable to me.

These interactions with golfing greats are gratifying, but the real reward lies in the connections I’ve made with each of you. It’s the moments when a player, struggling with a particular aspect of their swing, suddenly lights up with understanding after a lesson. That look of excitement and newfound confidence is what makes all the years of study worthwhile.

At the top of my thank-you list is my son, Daniel, who’s been my rock and my greatest challenge. Our debates on the intricacies of the golf swing have made us both better instructors and enriched our relationship, despite our differences. Daniel embodies the spirit of Gravity Golf just as much as I do, and his journey in this game is his own to shape, as it should be.

To my Gravity Golf associates, I urge you to delve deeply into the drills and exercises we’ve developed. Each one serves a specific purpose, offering insights into the ideal golf swing. These are your textbooks, and within them lies the path to your golfing diploma. The understanding of the golf swing will continue to evolve, as will our methods, but the core principles will always guide you toward achieving a swing that is repeatable, efficient, and enjoyable.

Knowing each of you and spending time with you has been the greatest reward a golf instructor could ever hope for. I’ve had the privilege of interacting with many remarkable people, but some of the most memorable moments come from helping everyday golfers achieve breakthroughs. When you see that spark of joy and realization in a student, it makes all the effort worthwhile.

I’m incredibly fortunate to be where I am today. Though I haven’t accomplished everything I set out to do in the world of golf, I feel content knowing that our research and discoveries will continue to impact the game long after I’m gone. One day, I hope everyone can experience the effortless power and joy that the greats like Freddie Couples, Louis Oosthuizen, Jack Nicklaus, and Lee Trevino have felt.

So, take this knowledge and apply it with passion. There’s a deep sense of fulfillment within me for all that so many of you have accomplished. Thank you for everything you’ve shared with me, and here’s to many more years of growth and success in our shared pursuit of golfing excellence.

With love and joy,

David Lee

It has been almost 2 years since the passing of my father and Gravity Golf’s creator David Lee. He loved what he did with a passion that is hard to fathom at times. From the time my great grandfather started him on the game, through playing #1 as a walk-on at UofA and then making his way onto the PGA Tour, it was fueled by a love for the game that gave him purpose. After having a hand injury that inevitably led him to focusing on the teaching side of the game, he stumbled across something that turned modern day golf instruction on its head. So many times he was met with adversity for challenging the status quo and even to this day many instructors scoff at trying something so different. He never wavered in his beliefs that golf, just like martial arts and many other modalities that have been around much longer than golf, should be intrinsically tied to the natural laws of motion that teach an individual to work in harmony with one’s own body and mind. There will never be anyone that can take his place, however we can all do our part to become more self aware of how we can be more loving and playful in all that we do. 


Daniel Lee


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