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Daniel Lee Gravity Golf Instructor

Great experience with Danny Lee at the golf school in Orlando. Danny is certainly very knowledgeable in the golf swing and how to most efficiently use physics to achieve best results. Would highly recommend the Gravity Golf system to anyone who has an open mind and is serious about improving their play. – Steve Traum

I average playing twice a month. My handicap dropped from an 8 to a 2 in 3 months doing these drills after reading the book and watching the videos… then I went to a 3 day training with David and Danny Lee. It was awesome! I’m a science geek and a feel player so I love the Hands On training drills AND the physics/biomechanics-based reasoning. I don’t get to play that often but I can say for myself golf is much more enjoyable hitting the ball flush without trying to kill the ball. The game becomes much easier when you hit fairways and greens. The number one comment I get from the guys I play with is they can’t believe how far I hit the ball with such an “easy” swing. My answer is Gravity Golf. – Patrick Smith

Working with Danny remotely has given me the chance to integrate what I learned at the Gravity Golf school into my everyday golf game. I have the tendency to fall back into bad habits but regular remote sessions with Danny have kept me on track and have improved my game exponentially. I highly recommend these remote sessions for the serious golfer who wants to continuously improve his / her game, this has really helped take my game to the next level! Danny and the Gravity team are the only people I trust with my swing so this program makes it possible to fine tune my game from anywhere in the world! – Luke Mansfield

The Gravity Swing
Creating Higher Smash Factor Comes For Using Gravity
David and Daniel Lee of Gravity Golf Science

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