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At our golf school in Florida, using common sense is key. The title of this article is not an original quote from Gravity Golf or anyone of my staff, but a saying that any professional player will attest to in most cases. It is better to hit the ball on the “thin” side rather than “fat.” Hitting the ball thin means catching it low in the club face and hitting it fat indicates the opposite.

Golf balls don’t speak English or any other written dialect, but they do speak to us through a language of sounds depending on where we strike them on the club face, the materials that both the ball and club-head are made from, and a few other factors. Thin shots are struck low in the club face and have a tinny sound, while fat shots are struck high in the club face and make more of a dull thud or splat. Hitting the ground behind the ball, or what we call “fat,” reduces the compression of the golf ball at impact and in most cases, some of the distance the shot was intended to carry.

The reason that pros say “thin to win” is that a miss-hit ball struck low in the club face will typically land short of the green and usually keep running, sometimes finishing near the hole or even going in if the player’s lucky enough. I’m always reluctant to use the word never when talking about golf, but a fat shot rarely gets to the hole unless it lands on a sprinkler head or you catch a “flier.”

Whether an individual knows it or not, playing golf at a high level is all about club-path control. Hitting a golf ball consistently “flush” in the middle of the club face is an art that comes with the development of great swing technique. One of the best drills taught in our Gravity Golf School in Florida, challenges you to work on the acquisition of perfect path control. You can and should be able to do this with any club in your bag. Get yourself to the practice range, perhaps take a seven iron to begin, and address the ball from a conventional set-up. Take a normal swing, but instead of trying to go full distance, swing right over the top of the ball, barely touching it. You should feel as if you are only removing the paint from the top of the ball. In a perfect full swing doing this drill, the club-head will touch the top of the ball, but move it less than three feet. Once you’ve mastered the ability to do this (it isn’t easy), slightly deepen your spine angle and try to hit the top fourth of the ball. You’ll begin to sense exactly where the blade of the club is beginning to contact the ball. You should then progress to taking half the ball, allowing the blade to meet it right on the equator. As you go deeper and deeper on the ball, you’ll start to feel the attack angle and depth where the club-head strikes the ball the purest and you’ll begin to acquire perfect control of your swing path. This is one of the secrets that will eliminate “fat” shots from your game.


At the Gravity Golf School in Florida, the acquisition of high-level technical skills is what we are all about. Study the various Gravity Golf drills and learn that perfect path integrity is something you can possess once you have mastery over the flow of energy from your body to the ball. There’s some really cool science here! Don’t be afraid of it – get excited about the fact that you are closer to owning a great swing that you can possibly know!

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David Lee the founder of the Gravity Golf School wearing a wine red shirt
Written by: David Lee, Creator of Gravity Golf


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