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“Having ‘passive hands’ in the golf swing is essential for a feel player.” – David Lee

When I work with a beginning student, if he or she has no glaring grip issues, I initially concentrate more on footwork and body dynamics. A player can have a perfect grip, yet if the footwork and movements of the core are not correct, there is little chance that the golfer will strike the ball solidly. Once the swing itself is functioning correctly, the harder the ball is struck, the more important that the grip becomes.

The hands are so sensitive, that an untrained player has great difficulty concentrating on proper body movement if the grip is being constantly manipulated. In other words – he can’t get his mind off the grip and onto more important things.

In my opinion, the best way to develop a proper grip is to practice the “Gravity“ golf three-mode drills. The brain will quickly figure out how to hold the club properly in order to hit solid shots in the right and left hand modes. Once each hand is trained to hold the club correctly, they will function as a single unit when put together in a normal two-hand mode.

Explaining the grip in text dialogue is extremely difficult. Study this video and it will be much easier visually to develop a great grip!

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